Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend update-Feb 4th-6th

Saturday was a usual busy day with my kids that started out with Mazie’s dance class (jazz) and the tours of two houses. Let me just say the 2nd house I looked at was icky and gross. It had the ugliest 1970’s bright yellow shag carpet and I was not digging the style. I am glad we are not in a rush on this house hunting situation because I would be going bonkers.

Later Saturday afternoon I took Mazie to target and we got some new storage items for her room and the boys’ room. I spent over an hour organizing and cleaning Mazie’s room, good times!

After all the cleaning and organizing I prepared a huge lasagna dinner with Caesar salad, sourdough bread and brownies for desert. We hosted fight night at our place and when T has his buddies over I make sure to fill their bellies up with home cooked meals. Of course my cooking was a hit! *wink* I will indeed share the recipe on here soon.

I did have two extra kiddos stay the night too, my nephew Jaelen and my niece Kennedy, so that was an addition to my full plate for Saturday night.

Sunday I made French crepes for the kids and T for breakfast. Yum!

Then right before my older sister (Alisa) came by to pick up her kids, I got a text from our little sister (Kellie) that says: “Dads in jail… Idk why, grandma said he was “framed, just like last time” Its 2,700 to get him out. And she expects us to help… that’s all I know.

When my older sister got to my house we both cried and were just very upset to hear the news about our father. Alisa did some investigating of her own because neither one of us wanted to call our grandmother, she would just give us the wrong info and we needed the truth. We got a hold of the jail he is at and got some answers to our questions. Which was just one huge let down and I am glad we had each other for support.

Once things settled T the kids and I got ready and went over to Andrew’s to watch the super bowl. Good food, good friends and good times!

There you have it folks the weekend update is complete.

* I am sure you are wondering what’s up with your dad? I do intend on writing a post about that never ending chapter in my life at some point this week. I feel like I am old enough now to start talking about it and sharing with others who may be in the same situations.*

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