Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fondant and FROGS!

Help! I am a first time fondant maker and have no clue. I need a hero! A fondant master! Someone to guild me to make the best fondant froggies and lilly pads ever.

I plan to attempt to make fondant this weekend and play around a bit with it. Remember the froggy style baby shower I am planning and co-hosting? Well the mother to be is gluten free; my goal is to make home made gluten free cupcakes with fondant froggy/lilly pad toppers.

I am making a shout out to the only fondant master I know JANA! I need your crafty artistic hands for the making of the froggies. Here is a peak at the cake Jana made for my Mazies’s 3rd birthday hula party. See why she is the master of this fine craft?

I did find this blog bakingdom and it helped give me some ideas on frog making but I feel as though I don’t have the patience or talent to make it amazing like she did.

I also need advice on which fondant recipe to use? I am so pathetic… I know I can make the fondant it’s the artsy part I am in fear of.
Anyone reading this blog and know of great yummy easy fondant recipes holla back. If you have tips or suggestions for the cupcake fondant toppers you know where to find me.

Until then I will be experimenting with the art of frog making!

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