Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night we had the pleasure of getting Mazie back a few days early. It’s the kid’s week with their dad and I wasn’t supposed to get them back until tomorrow. Much to my surprise I got a phone call yesterday afternoon while at work. It was my ex asking if I could pick Mazie up from his mom’s cause she is sick and he didn’t want the baby to get sick again. Of course I said yes! T and I miss our kids major when we don’t have them. Any chance for extra time with our kiddos we jump right on it. After work yesterday I went and got my baby girl. I was super excited, but sad that my daughter was kicked out of her own daddy’s house just because she was sick. Huh, how does that make any sense?
I am happy Mazie was with us last night; she got lots of extra special attention from us both. I think she is digging this only child gig for the time being. Ryder got to stay with dad till Friday since he is healthy. Whatevs!
Thank you to my mumsy for never sending me away for being sick.

Today Mazie stayed home with T, since she is still not “feeling berry good”. T felt so lucky to spend extra time with his two favorite girls. Yep, I have share my man! *wink*

*Hey ladies don’t forget-WEAR RED FRIDAY 2/4/11- its “national GO RED for woman” day!*

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