Friday, February 18, 2011


*Funny cute story about my lovely four year old daughter*

Yesterday after work I got to pick my babes up a day early since their daddy and Step ma are headed out of town for the weekend. I was so excited to see them, especially since I was having a bad day and feeling pretty low down. Those two munchkins always brighten up my gray days.

On the way home out of no where Mazie says “Hey momma, Cheezits died” and I said “Whah?” She repeated “CHEEZITS DIED!”… My thoughts were *okay a orange cat she knows has died, how sad! But what a cute name for an orange cat*
My nine year old Ryder came to the rescue with his big bro translator skills and said “Mom she means to say JESUS died, she is trying to say Jesus”. I looked back at my innocent faced daughter and started to giggle, and then Ryder started to laugh along with me. Mazie was not amused at all! A) She couldn’t understand why we thought cheezits (Jesus) dying was a laughing matter and B) She was convinced her brother was making fun of her speech. I had to share this with everyone it was too cute and way too priceless not to.

This weekend I will attempt to make fondant using this recipe from Clockwork Lemon, CHECK IT OUT MON!

Looks like fun with all the bright colors and tons of fondant to play with, I am getting pretty dang excited. The making of the fondant is a bit intimidating, but the making of the froggies and lilly pads is just out right scary to me. I hope I can fit this fondant project into my busy weekend schedule, I am thinking Sunday afternoon is my best bet. Mazie will be thrilled to help too!

Have a Happy Weekend, it’s a 3 day one for me yippee!

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  1. cheezits...funny girl i'm glad they are still around cuz i love em with string cheese and pepperoni...
    ps. if you need any help, i know a certain little missy h who would love some time with you all...