Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sorry folks no weekend update for ya this week. Since yesterday was valentines day I figured I would take a break from the cyber world. Or at least my blog duties!

My Valentine and I *2007*
 A few weeks ago at the job fair T signed up to take the Accuplacer test to get in the PSNS & IMF Apprenticeship Programs. Well yesterday was test day, he went all the way to Olympic College to take the test. He was nervous and aggitated about this test he did not prepare for or study.
I had faith in him cause I know he is a smarty pants *wink*
Two hours of testing later T was the last one done.

The test was for two different programs; The Helper minimum testing scores are-Reading Comprehension 60+, Sentence Skills 78+ and Arithmetic 23+

The Apprenticeship minimum testing scores are- Reading Comprehension 84+, Sentence Skills 92+ and Arithmetic 71+.
My Sweet T’s scores were- Reading Comprehension 112, Sentence Skills 98 and Arithmetic 110. I have to brag because I am super proud of my man. This was a huge confidence booster for him for sure. He has so many plans now, he really wants to get into the Apprenticeship program, but if that doesn’t work out then he is focused on furthering his education.
This certainly made for a happy V day for sure!

We had a wonderful late lunch/happy hour date at Silver City Brewery, went home to exchanged gifts and watch Big Love. We were suppose to go watch Ryder play in his first basketball game of the season but there was a power outage in Port Orchard. BOO!

Make up game this evening so it’s all good! That means T and I are on for another date night, basketball game then fish and chips at Anthony’s and then its work out time!

*I have to say I am pretty darn proud of myself. I have been working my booty off this past week. Saturday I joined a Zumba class, which is a super fun work out and dancing is always fun for me. Then Sunday morning I started running again, it felt great to run 3.5 miles and it was a beautiful day to do it. Now if the weather would just cooperate then I can get my run in on the days I don’t have Zumba class. I must have at least 4 days a week of some good ol’ CARDIO! It’s hard to squeeze in the time, but it’s not called a lifestyle change for nothing right.

Hope you all had a happy loving full of kisses and hugs Valentines Day!

Smooches xoxxo

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  1. i'm proud, too. and it is perfect run weather today, tun a mile or two for me (i miss it...) love,