Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wow! I know, I know its been a minute since I blogged...

So I will start out by catching you up a little on my life for the past two months.

Remember when I was going to move out to Gig Harbor? Well that has been put on hold for now.

I realized that I love my house and the area I live in, and actully thinking of buying the house as well. I am still working in Gig Harbor, I am enjoying it very much... Love my schedule, my co-workers and being so close to my kids during the work day, it makes for a easy pick up/drop off.

As some of you may know Ryder just turned 8 last week on the 18th... He had a super fun Laser Tag party and then moon light bowling afterwards. I as well just celebrated my 29th birthday on Sunday the 22nd. Wow! all in one week I have an 8yr old and I am on my very last, final year of being in my twenties.

That is when Thanksgiving comes in to play... Yes, comfort food! Its what I do best around this time of year, after turning a year older and preparing for the holiday seasons and a new year a girl needs to get her grub on.

I do not get to have the joy of sharing the Thanksgiving holiday with my children this year, oh the joy of sharing... sharing is caring right? I will be spending the day cooking in my mumsy's kitchen. She only gave me one task this year and that is to make yummy sweet yams. My mumsy knows I can't just sit back and allow her to cook everything else on her own. So she invited me to come over early and help... We both love to cook, especially for our family and friends. The best part is to watch them enjoy every yummy bite they put in their mouths...Priceless! Its what we do... and it is what I am thankful for.

So tomorrow as you all are busy cooking, cleaning, relaxing and enjoying family & friends try to ask the ones around you what they are thankful for?

What are you thankful for?