Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IRON MAN... Girly Style?

My little girl loves IRON MAN! She wants everything that has to do with Iron Man… Including her swim suit! Yes folk my daughter wants an Iron Man bathing suit.

It all started with her Little Mermaid swim suit that she wore all last summer… Well now that is way too small and she is asking for an Iron Man swim suit now.
I thought I’d be the cool mom and get my girl what she wants. I told her “Momma is going to get you an Iron Man swim suit for this summer.” I swear she cried tears of joy when I said that. She said “Momma thank you so very much for getting me an Iron Man bathing suit” and had a huge smile on her face.
I figured shoot all I have to do is google “girls Iron Man swim suit” and bam there it will be and I can just order it online.
Nope! Not the case at all. *sad face*
You see they DON’T make Iron Man swim suits for GIRLS. Now I am on a mission, a mission to make it right for the girls out there who like super hero’s too. First I must make my lil Z happy. I am sure she isn’t the only little girl who is into that kinda stuff. Right?

So now my next step is to find Iron Man “swim suit” spandex fabric… Either learn how to sew or find someone who can sew who is willing to help make my daughters dream come true. Do I have any takers? Anyone? Please? Help?

Truly I need to learn how to sew, especially if my daughter has such high demands for action hero clothing. Plus I can make pants long enough for my extra long legs. It would benefit both of us really. Its just I don’t have the time to take a sewing class at the moment. Grrrrr!

My little Iron Man fan has a birthday coming up this July and it would be nice to give her the swim suit along with a matching towel (which will be easy to find).

****Please contact me if you know or can help me figure this swim suit situation out?

Thank you!
By the way how many times did I mention the words IRON MAN in this post?

This one is for you Mazie Lue!

There's my little Z as Iron Man for Halloween.. Ain't she cute? 2010

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends, buddies and pals!

These two boys always make me think of this song... If you know it sing along~

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend, he's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end.
People let me tell you bout my best friend,
He's a one boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy.
People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun
whether we're talkin' man to man or whether we're talking son to son.
Cause he's my best friend.
Cause he's my best friend.

They both dig music!
Ryder and Isaiah playing Xbox 360 ROCK BAND (2010)

Like to play the same sports!
Isaiah golfing last April (2010)

They both LOVE star wars!
Disneyland July 2010

They both like to do extreme things.
Isaiah and Ryder Thunder Mt. July 2010

This post is dedicated to Friends, buddies and pals... What would we do with out them?

Happy 9th Birthday Isaiah!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls night...egg coloring,stickers and pictures!

Friday night I had a special treat...

I got to have a girls night with my little Sunshine Bear, my Tinker, my Monkey, my Lue Lue, my Maze. Geez could she have anymore nick names? Nah, I didn;t think so either. *giggle*

Mazie Lue was so happy to color ALL the eggs all on her own. No big bro there to help or share with. It was just her and momma. She was on cloud nine!

This pic shows my daughter's personality to a Tee!
We took photos and had a blast just me and my girl.

She did awesome coloring the eggs, can't you tell by her concentration face? Every egg she dyed, I would say "Careful, easy, nice and slow, careful." I think she got the point by the last

My silly girl, loves the camera and loves to make us laugh. Gee I wonder where she gets it from?

Putting the stickers on each egg so carefully.... I ended up helping out. She would say which sticker she needed next and I would peel it off and stick it on her finger. As instructed by the pro her self.

This particular egg was her favorite... She said that about all 12 of them. *wink*

Mazie was so proud of all the eggs, she wanted to keep them in her room. I told her they would get stinky and rotten so they had to be kept in the fridge.
Saturday Morning I looked in the egg carton and there was a missing egg.
Me:"Hey Maze? There is a egg missing!"
Maze:"Oh, its right here, I was keeping it safe."
It was wrapped up in Kleenex.
Maze:"Momma its my favorite and I wanna take it to daddy's."
Ahhhh... Four year old gotta love em!

It was nice spending one on one time with my little Zee (yep another nick name), we sure did miss our Ryder though. Ry was with daddy working, and having their boy time...

Friday, April 22, 2011

And the list goes on....

Too much going on in life, so much in fact it’s hard to fit it all in one blog. So I will just give you the short version for now, so it will look more like a list.

Doctor appointments for both kids, Ryder for his school issues and Mazie because she has allergies major.

Filling paper work out to evaluate Ryder; mom, dad, teacher, reading teacher and music teacher all had to do questionnaire’s to figure out why my sweet boy is struggling in school.

Kumon program appointments for Ryder

Kindergarten sign ups for my lil Mazie. Oh yeah she is signed up for all day kindergarten for 2011-2012 school year.

Jazz class for Mazie every Saturday morning.

Getting our house ready for a possible move. *Our landlords just informed us they will be selling the house (good luck with that). But they did lower our rent, because we have to deal with random people coming in and out looking at “our” home.

In the process of selling my 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition asking price $3500.00, cheap isn’t it? I bought it back in 2005 for 17k. It’s a wonderful car and has nothing wrong with it at all just has 194k miles on it. From all the DRIVING/COMMUTING I do on a weekly basis.
Hoping to get it sold by this weekend, either way I plan to go car shopping. I am looking for a 2006-2008 VW gti. Just needing a cute little car with good gas mileage and perfect for commuting. I use to have a ’97 VW Jetta and I loved it!

I just was re certified for CPR, so I got to take that four hour class yesterday morning before going to work.
Started the process of signing up for EMT school, got all my FAFSA set up and sent to TCC (Tacoma Community College) where I will be taking the EMT basic program this Fall (2011). I was going to start this summer, but there is just too much on my plate with kids being out of school and our mini trips we have planned. Hopefully by this fall I will be able to cut back on my work schedule to 3-12 hour shifts. I am not looking forward to going to work M-F 7am-4pm and then doing school M-F 6pm-10pm and some classes on the weekends. Wowza!
In the end I know all the sacrifices will be well worth it. I will get to help people who need medical attention and my work schedule will be 2 days a week (2-24hr shifts). So I will be home more to be a mommy.
After working with the firefighters yesterday it made me want this career even more. I am excited and can’t wait to start the program.

To add to the list I am still squeezing in time for Zumba and my 2.5 mile run. Yep I am preparing for The Sound to Narrows 12k run (June 11th) and the 5k mud marathon on (June 18th). I know your thinking “this chick is krazy!” To be honest with you I love it all, I love to be a busy working bee. When I have nothing to do and no kids to maintain that is when I go insane. SERIOUSLY! The days I have nothing to do and I am all alone I find myself watching my favorite channel ID. I love it!

So there you have it the long short version of what this tall girl has been up to the past two weeks.

Guess what I am wearing heels today and they are super cute! *wink*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food... The best part of traveling!

The thing I miss most about the cruise is the wonderful tasty food! I didn't have to cook a single meal for 10 whole days. Now that is a vacation. I think it may have been my favorite part about the trip. I miss going to get ice cream or frozen yogurt at anytime of the day/night. T's favorite was the 24 hour pizzeria. The buffets were to die for. They had at least 5 different buffets on the ship. You could have a sit down breakfast in the restaurant or just hit up the buffet. For Lunch it was buffets of food from all over the world. I was a fan of all the yummy salads. Don't get me started on the burrito bar. Yummo!

This is what we dined on our second night for dinner. It was elegant night and they sure knew how to feed us. I love seafood, but for some reason never been a lobster fan. This night I was! *wink*

Here is T enjoying yummy BBQ tacos. This place was recommended by our good friend Marcos in PV.

These were the best tacos we had ever had. The meat is cooked all day with a sweet BBQ sauce, then they serve it with pineapple and cilantro. YUMMY!

Dessert had to be the icing on the cake for our fancy dinner's.

The melting chocolate cake was my favorite and I miss it so much. I think I had this every night, even if I was stuffed from dinner. T actually found me some at the store cause I was craving it so much when we got home.

Going on a cruise they feed you so well, when we got home we didn't know what to do with ourselves, no buffet to go to at anytime we wanted and NO more frozen yogurt. I would go on a cruise in a heartbeat just for the FOOD!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last night on the Splendor...

Our last night on the cruise was amazing. Here we are enjoying our last fancy dinner at our assigned table we sat at every night. We always had the same waiters (Sam and Michael). They made our dining experience great! Each night the waiters and hostess would do a dance or sing a song, it was great entertainment for sure.

As you can see by the end of the trip T wasn't as red as the first few
It was sad to say goodbye to our servers, after eating there for 7 nights strait you really got use to the company and wonderful service.

After our last dinner, we headed down to see a comedy show, had a few drinks and lots of laughs. The next day we woke early and we were already back in Long Beach. It was cloudy and rainy too. That is when we knew our vacation had come to an end.
Until next time bon voyage to the Splendor Cruise ship!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Patty's day in PV

T and I cruzin with our personal tour guide Marcos in PV. Like my green beads? It was St. Patty's day!!!

We had to stop at the beach to check out the artistic sand sculptures. This one was our fav. The guy in the back ground is misting it so it dosen't dry out and fall apart.

Not the best pose but I had to get a solo pic of me at the beach in PV.

Does T look like a tourist or what? I love his pose!

After we toured around PV, we went to the beach to hang out and chillax. Yep, I still got my green on, I didn't want to get pintched. HA! Joke was on me... they don't even celebrate St. Patricks day in Mexico, but the tourist

The water was pretty choppy and we were advised by Marcos not to swim in the ocean. It looked pretty dangerous too, so we went for the pool, located at the beach resort. T swam while I got some sun and munched on chips and salsa. The best I ever had! 

Leaving the beach resort headed back to the cruise ship, we figured we needed to take more pictures. Here I am posing for the handsome camera guy. For some reason T really liked this gazebo, I don't get it?

I want my flower bed to look like this!

T with his new little friends... Mind you T is 6 ft 5in!

On our way to dinner after our long day of site seeing. Btw my beads are gone, but I had green on my dress.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tequlia.... Factory, tour and tasting

We met a wonderful cab driver who was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta he knew all the right places to take us. Marcos was our own personal tour guide for our day in PV. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable about the country and cultures.
This is a agave plant... It all starts here folks.

T was very interested in this foreign plant. They had a small garden for display since the real crops where down the road and where about 20 acres of nothing but agave plants. That is where the real big factory was located. We had the tour at the smaller one where is was more of a one on one tour. Yep, T and I had our own private tour.

This is our lovely guide showing us what the agave looks like once its pulled out from the soil. It kinda like a bulb, like tulips have. That is what they use to make the tequila.

This one has not been cooked or put in the fire pit yet. So it the before picture.

This is what the agave looks like after they have cooked it and the syrup starts coming out. Its almost like they caramelize it.

This is what they use to cook the agave to get all the juices out of the "bulbs".

Here is where they let it ferment after getting all the liquid out of the cooked agave. It looks nothing like tequila, its very foggy and looks kind of like muddy water.

This is what they used to make the mucky stuff into clear pure agave tequila.

Now it was time to taste there famous tequila. Which I may add you CAN not get in the USA.

They had five different kinds to taste, even the tour guide and Marcos joined us in the tequila tasting. My favorite was the almond... I wanted it so bad just for cooking purposes and it would go great in coffee (if I drank it). We settled for the most expensive and most strongest tequila to bring home. $60 later we had our bottle of tequila, which will only be used for special occasions. Like birthdays, holidays and celebrations. So if you ever come to our home and we brake out the tequila it simply means you are special ;)

I couldn't understand why this poor donkey was tied up just hanging around. My friend Maria informed me that this was their vehicle.LOL  Mr. Donkey was cute and I believe he was there for decoration. Tehehehe!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cabo Wabo!

Our 2nd day in Cabo. The views from the boat were beautiful! It was heaven waking up to this two mornings in a row. Enjoying our breakfast staring out the window to paradise.

Our first stop that day was SENOR Frogs. Yes that is our bucket of beer. Don't judge us... LOL

The clown there made us balloon hats! I know you want
Oh and he took our picture and MADE us kiss *wink* My apologies for the kissy pic's. You do have to agree, we make a handsome couple, don't we?

Then out of no where one of the handsome waiters grabbed me by the hand and led me to the dance floor/sidewalk. We salsa danced for a few minutes and others joined us. T just sat at the table snapping pic's. We even had a conga line started and there were plenty of shots going on. Hey don't judge! A)I was on vacation B) We were at Senor Frogs and C) We had a blast!

T was happy after taking a body shot off me of course. I love the look on his face, he looks like a little boy in a candy store. Ahh I love him!

These two wonderfully talented gentle men provided us with some nice music while we enjoyed our lunch. The footage of these fellas is way better on my flip, cause you can hear the happy Mexican song they were playing/singing to us.

This place had a killer deal on fish tacos and Pacifico beer. We love Cabo!

I just had to take this pic cause it was way too cute not

This was my favorite spot to visit! Lovers Cove. It was purely romantic.

I just had to take this pic! Not a porky's fan but it took me back to my younger days for sure.

Saying our good bye's to Beautiful Cabo San Lucas
We shall return and make it a much longer stay too.