Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting to know you

2010 Girlfriend Survey: The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends that you might not have known!

What time did you get up this morning?
Diamonds or pearls?
What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
What is your favorite TV show?
Big love
What do you usually have for breakfast?
Yogurt or Cottage Cheese w/bananas
What is your middle name?
What food do you dislike?
Italian sausage and Indian
What is your favorite CD at moment?
My old school mix cd I made
What kind of car do you drive?
Jeep Liberty
Favorite sandwich?
Egg Salad
What characteristic do you despise?
Favorite item of clothing?
My leggings
If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Favorite brand of clothing?
Fox racing brand
Where would you retire to?
Arizona (I fell in love with AZ when I visited at age 16)
What was your most memorable birthday?
My 21st cause I just had my first baby 4 days prior and it was thanksgiving and we were stuck at the hospital.
Favorite sport to watch?
Basketball- LeBron James, need I say more?
When is your birthday?
November 22, 1980--- Yes I will be turning the big three oh this year and celebrating in VEGAS BABY!
Are you a morning person or a night person?
My mumsy always called me her night owl.
What is your shoe size?
10-11 depends on the shoe
Not at this time but looking into it. Both my kids are animal lovers!!!
Any new and exciting news you 'd like to share with us?
In the works of planning our trip to California in July... Disneyland here we come!
What did you want to be when you were little?
Neonatal nurse and a mommy (got one of those goals down)
What is your favorite candy?
Starburst or Twix- But really I am not much of a candy girl.
What is your favorite flower?
Pink Daisies I guess, there is too many to choose from. I love flowers and plants, gardening is my therapy. Did I also mention Horticulture was my favorite class?
What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
March 17th I am hosting a Sensaria party for My Best Friend Brittany.
April 10th Blacked Eyed Pea concert with my boys.
July 10th-17th one week vacation.
What's your full name?
Andrea Lynn Mannon
Maiden name:Jackson

What are you listening to right now?
The Ellen Show- Everyday at 11 George or I turn our lobby T.V. channel to her show. All we can hear is cheering, music , her wonderful voice and TONS of laughter.
What was the last thing you ate?
A dough nut... I know not the healthiest but it sure was yummy.
Do you wish on stars?
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Hot Pink
How is the weather right now?
What is your natural hair color?
Favorite soft drink?
Raspberry Ice Tea
Favorite restaurant?
Anthony's- I heart Seafood!
Samurai's- is my new fav, Tim just took me there last Saturday and we enjoyed some yummy Sake and delightful entertainment watching our chef make our dinner.
Favorite color of nail polish?
Holy Pink Pagoda
What was your favorite toy as a child?
My baby dolls
Pogo ball
Hot wheels
Summer or winter?
In the summertime when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky
Hugs or kisses?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Coffee or tea?
Tea (I have a big cup of Green Tea w/Lemon every morning)
Your big goal or dream for next five years?
Get back into shape and do lots of traveling
When was the last time you cried?
What is under your bed?
A sub woofer (My boyfriend is into speakers and sound systems major)
What did you do last night?
Made a yummy Chicken pot pie for dinner and hung out with my love bugs.
What are you afraid of?
Snakes, spiders and heights
Salty or sweet?
How many keys on your key ring?
How many years at your current job?
Three years in May!
Favorite day of the week?
How many towns have you lived in?
1. Port Orchard
4. Puyallup (Current)
Do you make friends easily?
You betcha, but by the look of my followers NO.

This was something my mumsy sent me this morning and as I was filling it out I figured it could be something to post on my blog to let some of you know random info about me. Hope you enjoyed and I would love to read your answers to these random questions too.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My letter...

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you today to share my experience with your retail store. I have struggled since I reached 5'8" at age 13 to find jeans/pants long enough to fit me. So when I discovered in 2005 that your store "Tall Girl" was a new addition to the Tacoma Mall here in Washington I was excited to take a look inside. My first experience in your store was great, Tall Girl was really truly for girls like me who have a 38" inseam. I purchased slacks for work, tights, sweat pants and jeans at your store. I even had family and friends give me gift cards for your store. It was a place I could shop and not feel so abnormal about my size.

Much to my surprise when I went to shop there two Saturday's ago I was in total shock to see Tall Girl has closed down... I didn't know where to go? Old Navy? The Gap or Nordy's? Where do I go to find that perfect 38" fit? Your store was the one and only, a one of a kind. I know I can shop on line at Tall Girl, but its not the same. Just like any other girl in this world I like to try my jeans on and make sure they look good from every angle. I can't do that on line!

I really miss the store and hope one day all the other retail stores in the mall can catch on to something Tall Girl had going for them. There are Tall girls out here in this world and we like to try on our pants too.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you on any suggestions you may have for a 6'0" long legged girl like me.


Andrea Mannon

So what do you think? I sent this letter to them yesterday afternoon, not sure what I want the out come to be? I guess I just want to be heard.
I did however get a catalog in the mail: Long tall sally. I figured okay this is Tall Girl's way of saying sorry we closed but here is a catalog. So I thumbed through it to see what they had to offer. Tons of cute clothes and I found a pair of skinny jeans that I really wanted... But NO the longest inseam they offer is 36". That just put me on a whole new mission!

To be continued......


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tall Girl...

I am in much need for a shopping spree!
There is always a dilemma for me to shop for pants though... If you didn't know by now I am a super tall chick, with abnormally long legs.
What I mean by abnormal is exactly that... My inseam is 38", can you find that in your shopping mall? Well I never could either..
I always either searched and found 36" jeans (usually men's Levi's) or I would just have short pants that barely came to my ankle.
So I was extremely happy when capri pants came back in style... I work as a Medical Receptionist and I have to dress the part. So it is extremely difficult to find slacks that are long enough. So I own many of skirts, cause you can't go wrong with those... Unless they are skirts that go down to a average persons knees, those skirts look like mini skirts with these long legs.
So shopping for jeans, slacks and even sweats is a challenge for me big time... Until I found a store in the mall called "Tall Girl".
That store was made just for special gals like me! They only carry pants from 36"-38" inseam, I love it! The only down fall is they are very pricey. I won't mention the prices, I will just say I shop there once a year and only purchase one or two things at a time. So I figured it was that time of year for me to go get some pants... BTW they do have everything there from dresses, shirts, capri’s, maternity clothes, lounge wear and nylons.
When I was preggo with my two babies I had 2 pairs of maternity pants (Jeans and slacks) those were high waters on me… So what, tall women don’t get pregnant? So I was super excited to see they had maternity clothes too. One of the best parts is their nylons and tights they fit my legs perfect. In the past I would just wear thigh highs with my garter belt (super sexy) but regular nylons and tights (even if they say tall) never fit me.
So I think I will treat myself to a shopping spree at my store “Tall Girl” and get myself some leggings (the ones I have are capri’s on me-Target) and a new pair of slacks for work. I like going to that store cause its all tall girls shopping in there and even the employees are tall ladies 
I LOVE my height, it has so many advantages and my only disadvantage is what I was ranting about in this post. When you are 6’ like me and have a boyfriend who is
6’5”(He makes me feel short hehe) I have no shame in wearing heels and feeling comfy with my length.
If you’re a tall chick like me and have a hard time finding pants check out their site

Didn't have a full size pic of me showing off my long legs but I will certainly post one soon.
Andrea *AKA Legs*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Empty nest... for now!

Tim and Isaiah are in Memphis safe and sound hanging out at the Double Tree Hotel. It has a indoor pool and Tim said it is really nice...but they don't have swim trunks and Tim's luggage is headed to Nashville without him. They are stuck in Memphis until tomorrow morning. So hopefully the weather will permit them to make it to Nashville safe and sound. I wish I could be there with them.

I said see ya later to Mazie and Ryder this morning before work. I got to have them for a extra night, they got to come with me to the airport late last night. It was nice cause then the boys got to say their goodbyes. Ryder wants to go visit Isaiah so bad, he really wants to go on a airplane ride too.
Now I am enjoying my time at work... When I get off today I will be joining my good friend Jeni and her hubby Jeff at a place called Waynes in Puyallup. Our friend Jill is doing a fundraiser there tonight from 5-7pm, she will be bar tending to help raise money for cancer research. All her tips and money made for the night will go to the charity, we are all going to support her (since she has never bar tended in her life). GO JILL!!!
So while I have a big empty house all to myself I am going to start going through my many boxes of pictures and start scrap booking again. I am also going to be planning a birthday party for my mumsy... Her Birthday is next Friday so that gives me about two weeks to get it all organized. I am giving her a ROCK BAND party, she is very excited about this event. I will keep you posted on how my planning goes and my scrap booking new beginnings...


P.S. Still working on that upgrade :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

No good byes... how about see ya later gater....

This weekend I will soak up all of the love I can...
Rock out with my Band "The Troops" all I can....
Make yummy delicious foods all I can...

Come Sunday Ryder and Mazie will be with their dad for a week. (his wedding is next Saturday)
And Tim and Isaiah take off late Sunday night to head down to Tennessee...
My loves are all leaving me on the same day... So I will enjoy them all this weekend to the fullest!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tonight for dinner....

Tim's masterpiece in the works.... Pork Roast w/veggies.

All I got to say is WOW!
Today I gave Tim a task, I figured since he is out of work at this time he wouldn't mind doing me a favor or two.So I asked him to make dinner? Now for those of you that don't know I do all the cooking of dinners in the house. Today was different, since I work full time and didn't have time to get things started this morning before work, I thought of a great idea!?! So I sent Tim a quick text "Hey babe can you do me a favor?" I didn't wait for a respond back I just went
to the favor "Can you put the pork roast in the crock pot add 2 cups of water, cut up carrots, celery, onion and potato's and add to the pot, set the crock pot on high and I will take care of the rest when I get home".
His response was "Um I don't think I like that?" Okay I forgot to mention something, he is a very picky eater. So he tends to say he won't like something if he has A) Never had it in his life or B) doesn't like the looks or sound of it. I suggested to have Isaiah help prepare the food for the crock pot, I figured he would enjoy helping out with dinner too.

So I give him a call on my lunch break... He was telling me how he was cleaning the house and how he has to clean up after everyone.... blah, blah, blah. I had to giggle because he sounded just like a mom or should I say Mr. Mom...
I am so proud of him for keeping his composure while he is out of work. His son Isaiah has been visiting from Tennessee since January 14th. Isaiah is a home school student and his wonderful mother (Jana-sugar,spice and a little bit of life) sent a whole lesson plan for him to work on with his dad during his visit.
On Friday's Tim takes care of Mazie Lue also, he makes the kids pancakes,gives Mazie baths and even does her hair.The first Friday that he had both kids they had a "Pajama day", Ryder and I got home from work and school and they were all still chillin in their PJ's. He says he is really enjoying this time at home (stay at home daddy).
I am so proud of Tim and all the things he is learning from spending so much time with his son and my daughter...

So tonight we will feast on the dinner he prepared in the crock pot.... He is going to be so proud of himself!
If it all turns out well, I may lose my job as the chef in the house.... Yeah right, Tim loves my cookin way too much!