Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LBC... What to do?

Our trip is in 16 days! I can’t believe it’s so close and I am not done planning… Eeek!

We fly out to LA a day prior to our cruise; we will then go from LAX to Long Beach. LB is where our cruise port is at. We have our hotel booked for the night and now we just need some plans… Stuff to do, to entertain us and of course some where to do some DANCING with my man. The cruise ship doesn’t set sail until 4pm the day after we get to LB… We need info on good restaurants, fun night life and interesting stuff to do during the day, any suggestions will help us out greatly.

A friend of mine who lived in that area advised us to check out a play at The International City Theatre.
My friend who suggested the theatre is an actor/film director and camera dude and I have known him since Junior High. This type of entertainment is what I expected to get from him. Hi Erik, thanks for the advice!

Long Beach Skyline-We will be there 3/12-3/13
Another friend who has been on the same exact cruise suggested we just walk the Pier, that is what her and her hubby did and they enjoyed it. To bad we won’t be there for Seafest, I would love to check this out for sure.

So shout out to anyone who knows or has visited the LBC area… WE NEED HELP?

The status of the other trip I am planning for Isaiah’s spring visit isn’t going to well… I could only find him a flight from TN to SEATAC ($372.90) one way. There is NO one way flight for him to return to TN. For a minor to fly solo it has to be on a non stop flight and no plane changes can occur. Ugh! I checked out T flying back with him, but that trip will be so expensive ($892.60) yikes! Option 2 would be for T to go back and visit Isaiah in TN during his spring break which is the cheapest deal so far ($402.70). This is one big stress I would love to fix and it needs to get figured out sooner then later. Isaiah only gets a week off and then we won’t see him until summer break (June).

I have been doing lots of cardio lately and it sure helps with all these extra stresses in life. GO ZUMBA! I’m just sayin…

That’s all for now folks… Gotta get back to trip planning mode.


  1. I went to college in Long Beach! Lived there for years but it's been a long time.

    The Aquarium of the Pacific is a favorite of ours and its right next to the The Pike at LB which has tons of restaurants.

    You could check out shoreline village also. There is Pine street with lots of restaurants. Wait, are you going without the kids?

    I'll put my feelers out for a place to go dancing.

  2. NO KIDS! OUr last vacation was with kids, so this trip is adult ONLY ;)
    Thanks Dandy!