Wednesday, May 11, 2011

p90x Day 2-"muffin top"

When starting the p90x program they tell you to take 6 before photos from six diffrent angles... I am only sharing four with you today. T is not the best

 Tuesday was day 2 of the workout program... Mind you I am not doing this program cause I think I am fat... Its more that I am out of shape major. I am doing this only to tone the muscels I know I have and lost in the past few years of not being active... Also turing thirty will do that to you *wink*

5/9/11- I have absolutly no upper body strength, but here are my "guns".lol
 I use to get away with just working out a few times a week or sometimes a few times a month. Shoot I was in better shape in 2006 after having my 2nd baby. I was addicted to my eliptical and crunches!  That slowly faded as time went on. I was so use to having a super fast metabolisim and having a six pack with out working out or eating healthy. As I got closer to the big three oh, I realized I was started to get belly fat...
5/9/11-Ahhhh my loverly muffin top!
Not just belly fat, but a muffin top to go along with it. So I figured I needed to kick this in the butt before it starts getting out of control to where I may have to work even harder to get rid of it. That is when I decided to start the p90x workout. I knew this is what I needed to get my define abs back that I had all my life. Most of all be rid of the muffin top maddness!
5/9/11-I can't wait to see the results of p90x!
Day 2 with p90x was Plyometrics.
Plyometrics, also known as jump training, has been proven to dramatically improve athletic performance. If your sport involves a ring, rink, field, court, or track, then this training will give you the edge. Which is exactly what I need to prepare me for the 12k and 5k runs I plan to do this summer. I also plan to get back into my first love, Basketball. So once I learned about what this specific workout could prepare me for I was super excited to start. I noticed while doing this work out that it not only prepares your performance, it also totally worked out my thighs and glutes/hips/saddlebags. 

I hope this journey of mine will encourage others to improve their health and fitness along with me. I hope I still have this great atittude after day 3. *wink*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1- P90X and new beginings

So as you can read from the title I have started the P90X program... I started the first day with a bang! I don't think I have ever done that many push ups and pull ups in my whole 30 years of life. I'm just sayin... The nutrition part of the program is not much of a change in my regular way of eating habits. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater and have been for years... So not much to change there.
I decided to do the P90X, well when I saw the infomercial (10x's) and found myself saying I really want to do that. Then about two weeks ago a friend from work, gave me the whole program on DVDs. They sat on my fire place collecting dust the past week...
Yesterday after work the DVDs were finally put to use. I took my 6 before pictures as instructed, I think I will share those Then I got started with the 50 min Chest and Back DVD, after that I did the Ab ripper X as instructed for Day 1 of the program. My arms are so sore today, but that only means what ever I did is working.
What motivated me to do this was so many things, my lovely muffin top and my co-work Jeff telling me I couldn't do it. So I would like to get rid of the muffin and prove Jeff WRONG. Plus t can help prepare me for the 12k run I am doing in a month and I think having a rocking body at age 30 doesn't sound too bad.
I hope you don't mind following me in this journey of body sculpting for the next 13 weeks... Hey maybe you can join along.

On another note T started his new job at Safe Boats International yesterday. This is his dream job and I am so proud of him. The bonus part is seeing him in his work gear... He so sessy in his carharts and work boots, Oh yeah!
Yesterday was Day 1 for us both, we started new beginnings and we are lucky to have each others support in this journey to excellence

Friday, May 6, 2011

My mumsy!

Meet Denise LoRae AKA my mother...

She was born and raised in Seattle Washington. She graduated from Nathan Hale high school early so she could join the US Navy right after her 18th birthday. She attended A school in San Diego, then went to boot camp in Orlando, Fl and then was stationed in Key West Fl, where she met and married my dad. She was soon stationed in Guam, where she became a mommy on June 3, 1978. Two and a half years later she became a mommy for the 2nd time on November 22, 1980. Eighteen months later she flew half way around the world with two little girls back to Washington.
She is a devoted christian and loves to worship the lord.
Then on June 10, 1986 she became a mommy of three girls. At this time she was a stay home mother of three and did all she could to raise us to be ladies. Three years later she became a mother for the fourth time on August 1, 1989, this time god blessed her with a son. The family was complete!

She is a QUEEN!

My mother with all 4 of her children. Nov 2010
Kellie (#3),Mom, Me (#2), Greg (#4) and Alisa (#1)

She loves sports and really likes to support her local teams.
Basketball is her favorite!

She is a great friend

She has a WONDERFUL sense of humor!
Can't you tell?
This is Denise and she is my beautiful Mother inside and out... She is a loving devoted mother of four and a hard working grandmother of six. I strive to be more like my mother everyday, strong and independent. She is my idol and I would do anything for this woman.
Thank you momma for always making us four kids your #1's. You played both parenting roles and that is why I honor you not only on Mothers day but on fathers day too.
You deserve nothing but the best!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April showers bring May flowers...

*This post has nothing to do with flowers* This baby is as beautiful as one and she was born in May so the ol' sain just fits.

My best friend Bee had her baby last night and I just have to brag... Hee hee!

Welcome to the world Claire Grace, you just made life so much sweeter!

Claire Grace~Born May 3, 2011 at 8:49pm  7lbs 3oz 20in
~Tuesday's child is full of GRACE~
Congratulations to Brittany and Jon!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cinnamon bonding

Back in December I started a new tradition of baking a ton of cinnamon rolls (12 pans) for family and friends. Ali and her two girls were one of the many who received a special delivery personally from ME. 
Since then I have had many requests for more cinnamon rolls… Ali hit me up a few weeks ago and wanted to get together for a cinnamon roll baking day. Since her hubby was over seas the past year and missed the special delivery in December, it was a must to get this done.

I sent Ali the link for the not so secret Pioneer Woman recipe and she did the shopping for ingredients. We got together on Sunday (May Day) after the kids and I went to church. Our loverly friend Angie and her three kiddos joined us and we made it a BBQ day. It was nice the dough was ready to go when I arrived, so I got to do the fun part. Kneading, rolling, lots of butter pouring and then I had two lovely assistants helping sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar (Lilly age 2 and Alicia age 13). While all the girls were in the kitchen, the boys were out playing with Ali’s hubby James while he worked on grilling burgers and dogs for us. Sunday was full of sun and it was a great day for a BBQ. I think everyone in the Pacific Northwest was barbecuing that day. When the sun comes out we Washingtonians soak it up majorly.

Our yummy Cinnamon Rolls, they were huge!

Ali and me- frosting the rolls, the frosting is what makes these melt in your mouth. (Not pictured Angela-she was taking the photos)
This day was much needed and we girls had a bunch to catch up on. I am glad to have good life long friends who live close by. We have so many plans for the summer and I can't wait to blog all about it.