Friday, February 25, 2011

Are you ready for kindergarten?

Does she look ready to you?
Are you ready for kindergarten? Well I don’t believe my 4 year old daughter is… She has been currently attending “preschool” at the ECAP Headstart program through the state. Mazie qualifies for free “preschool” under her father’s income, which I thought was wonderful… at first.

Her dad, step mom and I all have noticed she isn’t getting the proper education to get her ready for kindergarten and Mazie starts this fall.

My daughter has no clue how to spell her name, recognize her letters and numbers, she can only count to 12 and she is still in the process of learning how to write her name out. All things she needs to know for kindergarten. I talked to Miles (the kid’s daddy) and we both agreed that the “preschool” our daughter has been going to three days a week since September is not academically preparing our little girl for Kindergarten. We decided it’s up to us to get her ready… So I had a talk with Amy (the kid’s step mum) last week at one of Ryder’s basketball games and we both kinda shared our views on Mazie’s kindergarten readiness. Amy was on the same page as Miles and I, which was just awesome. Amy and I discussed a plan to help Mazie along with learning; Amy has already been working with Mazie on writing her name. Here and there when I find the time I work with Mazie as well. Amy is helping more then anyone since she is a stay home mom to her 2month old baby girl and part time for my kids. I am so jealous! *wink* Amy has more time in her schedule to work with Mazie. Last week I bought 2 work books for Mazie called: Are you ready for kindergarten?

The Verbal skills book will help her become familiar with the alphabet and reading and writing simple words in preparation for kindergarten.

The Math skills book will help her become familiar with the numbers 1-30 and shapes in preparation for kindergarten.

Along with the books I bought 2 sets of Sesame Street flash cards, one set is for A,B,C’s and the other set is for Numbers 1-20.

I sent the math skills book and numbers flash cards to Miles’ house so Amy can work on them with Mazie on the weeks she is with them. (Every other week) Amy was happy to help!

Amy attended Mazie’s parent teacher conference earlier this week (Miles and I both had to work). They told her Mazie is doing great in everything except circle time… She needs to listen and focus better. The teacher suggested reading to her and then asking her questions about it to make sure she is listening. I am so not shocked about this whole focus and listening situation, because we have the same issues with her at home. This is going to be a long tough 13 years school a head for us and her.

I am trying to stay on top of these issues so she doesn’t struggle in school like I did. My son Ryder struggles with reading and he has worked his little hiney off to get caught up with his class. By the way he received a reading award this year for his awesome improvement.
I must add how blessed my kids are to have a great step mum who is willing to help with their education.
Thanks Amy!

Am I ready for kindergarten?

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