Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Festivus for the rest of us....

T'was the day before Christmas~
Wow time just flew by didn't it? To think Christmas is just a day away and I still have a huge to do list:
Meet up with my sister's-12:30
Go shop and fight all the craziness and crowds... Good thing I will have my two sissy's to keep me sane and laughing!
Go home and prepare my annual Christmas eve snack foods such as Teriyaki meatballs, mini sandwiches, hot dips and chips.... oh and you can't forget the hot buttered rum's to go along with my yummy sugar cookies.
My Christmas doesn't start until tomorrow at 8am when I pick my babies up. I will be preparing a perfect Christmas breakfast and a dinner for my children and The Bates family at my home. I am super excited to share my cooking skills with everyone yum PRIME RIB! I will let you know how that goes....
My kids are all I need to make my Christmas a wonderful delight... All the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness is well worth the looks on my kids faces as they look under the tree, the giggles, the excitement, and the family memories all wrapped into one big present for this mommy right here.
My son Ryder will be telling us the story of the real meaning of Christmas (it is one of his favorites to tell). Any 8yr old boy is super stoked for the presents,candy and treats of the holidays, but that boy never lets us forget what its really about. I love that my son feels so strong about his beliefs and loves to share them with his little sister.
It gives me comfort to know that on the many days I don't have my children my son can still
keep the faith alive for himself and his sissy bear. He is a amazing big brother,protector and leader for her.
Mazie Lue is going to be a delight, she is 3 and is now starting the understand the excitement of the Holiday...
She has asked Santa for BABIES! Now mind you my sweet little sugar dumpling is super cute, of course she knows it. Which can be a issue at times... You see my Mazie Lue can be a bully at times, has that sassy tude and won't take crap from anyone.
This is sometimes perceived as bad behavior, but it is in the works... Mommy may have to get a lump a coal for her stocking one of these Christmas' (hehehe). For those of you who know my daughter will get the humor in that one!
My little miss bossy pants is just like her mommy... As a little girl baby dolls where my world, and yes they were treated as if they were real... My mumsy was always good at playing along with me on that. I was always in the kitchen with my mumsy watching and helping her cook, I loved the idea of being a homemaker from day one. Now I enjoy the time in the kitchen with my daughter, I sit her right up on the counter top and she sits and watches, helps and asks 21 questions about everything I am doing. I adore each and every moment of it!
Does anyone know where I got the title for this blog from?
First one to answer wins!

May your days be merry and bright!
Andrea~Mommy of two~
Ryder 8
Mazie 3

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  1. Yay! My mumsy is the winner she will be presented her prize tomorrow.

    Answer: Seinfeld- Frank Costanza!