Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tonight for dinner....

Tim's masterpiece in the works.... Pork Roast w/veggies.

All I got to say is WOW!
Today I gave Tim a task, I figured since he is out of work at this time he wouldn't mind doing me a favor or two.So I asked him to make dinner? Now for those of you that don't know I do all the cooking of dinners in the house. Today was different, since I work full time and didn't have time to get things started this morning before work, I thought of a great idea!?! So I sent Tim a quick text "Hey babe can you do me a favor?" I didn't wait for a respond back I just went
to the favor "Can you put the pork roast in the crock pot add 2 cups of water, cut up carrots, celery, onion and potato's and add to the pot, set the crock pot on high and I will take care of the rest when I get home".
His response was "Um I don't think I like that?" Okay I forgot to mention something, he is a very picky eater. So he tends to say he won't like something if he has A) Never had it in his life or B) doesn't like the looks or sound of it. I suggested to have Isaiah help prepare the food for the crock pot, I figured he would enjoy helping out with dinner too.

So I give him a call on my lunch break... He was telling me how he was cleaning the house and how he has to clean up after everyone.... blah, blah, blah. I had to giggle because he sounded just like a mom or should I say Mr. Mom...
I am so proud of him for keeping his composure while he is out of work. His son Isaiah has been visiting from Tennessee since January 14th. Isaiah is a home school student and his wonderful mother (Jana-sugar,spice and a little bit of life) sent a whole lesson plan for him to work on with his dad during his visit.
On Friday's Tim takes care of Mazie Lue also, he makes the kids pancakes,gives Mazie baths and even does her hair.The first Friday that he had both kids they had a "Pajama day", Ryder and I got home from work and school and they were all still chillin in their PJ's. He says he is really enjoying this time at home (stay at home daddy).
I am so proud of Tim and all the things he is learning from spending so much time with his son and my daughter...

So tonight we will feast on the dinner he prepared in the crock pot.... He is going to be so proud of himself!
If it all turns out well, I may lose my job as the chef in the house.... Yeah right, Tim loves my cookin way too much!


  1. haha, how could he not like that? Even Isaiah eats stuff like that. Silly boy! I am glad you are there to teach him so much!

  2. It's nice to have someone else cook isn't it?!!?!

  3. Jon made dinner last night too. We had chips and salsa, and BLT's. I wish it would have been a roast. :)