Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I did a very bad thing yesterday…. I made home made dough nuts with maple glaze… Ooops! Why? Why was I tempted? Why do I torture myself, my body and my mind? I work my butt off for a whole week and BOOM! I go eat like I have no rules or restrictions at all. What is my deal?

I will tell you what my deal was… It was a three day weekend! Plus I had my kidlets…

Friday after work I went and picked up my super cute date (Ryder). Our first stop was his basketball game, and then we went out to Sukura’s to celebrate my Mumsy’s 54th birthday. T and Mazie stayed home ate pizza and watched the All Star Rookie game. Yes folks it was an All Star weekend, so my man was busy stuck to the T.V most of the weekend. *sigh*

Saturday was our busy day for sure! We started out the day with Mazie’s Jazz class, which is always fun for us both. Mazie gets to dance and have fun with her friends and mommy gets to chit chat with the ladies/moms. Hi Holli!

Ryder opted out of going to dance class with us girls and stayed home with T to play video games and do boy stuff.

When Mazie and I got done we went home picked Ryder and my brother up and headed off to Seattle. We where invited to Jordin’s Game Works birthday shin-dig, and took my brother with since he needed a ride home.

We had a blast at Game Works! Haning with Candice and her family is always fun and they are all very welcoming. Good times! Ryder was having so much fun that he was invited over to Jordin’s for a sleep over. He was so excited to go hang with the three other boys for the night. Mazie went over to T’s parents for a little bit so we could go to The Ram for dinner and to celebrate Ian’s 28th Birthday. After dinner we went and picked Mazie up and headed home to snuggle and watch a movie.

Sunday was cleaning day! Ooooh my favorite indeed… After Ryder returned home from the sleep over, I got a call from my Grandma Steph. My Grandparents where in the area for a visit and wanted to meet up with us. We met up with them for lunch at Applebee’s; it was so nice to see my Grandparents and Ashley. It has been way too long, almost over a year I think. So after our nice lunch and visit we said our goodbyes and the kids and I headed to the store. We were on a fondant making mission! A mission to the store to get the necessary ingredients to make marshmallow fondant. The trip to the store was a success and now we were headed home to try to make a mini batch.

I tried it and I FAILED majorly! I was pretty down on my self and extremely frustrated. It’s not enough to stop me though; I am going to take another go at it again this weekend. I will make fondant and I will do a kick butt job at it too… My other option is to pay someone who is a fondant craft master and then pretend I did it. *wink* I am just joking geez!
So after my fondant fiasco, I decided to take a nap. Whah? I never take naps! For some reason on this Sunday afternoon my body said rest… and I did.
I woke up to a pizza party in my living room full of boys and basketball… I don’t mind either one, plus it was the All Star Game and I do like me some pizza.

Monday was a bonus day off! Started off the day with a healthy egg, turkey bacon and toast breakfast, cleaned and did laundry. Then the rest of the day was just a lazy day around the house for us all, neither one of our cars left the driveway. Since I tend to get board on those lazy kinda days I figured I must make something home made and yummy for my family. Since I couldn’t get over my fondant failure I figured I’d make myself feel better by making a home made batch of dough nuts…. That concludes my questioning of WHY?

Why didn’t I work out the past three days? Why did I scarf down 3 dough nuts last night and why do I feel completely full of GUILT?
A nice 45 minute walk on my lunch break all week and a Zumba class after work today will be the only and best answer for me at this point. BRING IT!

*Oh and I hope those crispy creamy maple glazed dough nuts disappear by the time I make it home.*

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