Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of 2nd grade....

Yesterday was my son Ryder's first day of 2nd grade... He was super excited! More so to see all his friends.

Grandma and Momma took him to his open house on Tuesday evening to meet his teacher (Mrs. Wate). Geez I never knew how popular my boy was until we got to the school and all sorts of kids were saying "Hi Ryder" with big smiles on their faces. He got a spot right next to his good buddy Nolan, so we will see how that works out. His teacher was so very nice and she is the teacher he was hoping to get.

So yesterday morning, I got my little man up and at em, he took his shower, got his new geer on and ate some frosted flakes. After that he brushed his teeth and wanted his hair spiked in the front and flat in the back??? Okay for those of you who have never seen my son or my hair it doesn't work like that. So I told him hey how about I "spike" the whole top? He was good with that, so I used gel, which he does not need on his tight little short curls. But he was looking and feeling cool.

Then we were on our way, momma packed him a yummy first day of school lunch. He loves to ride the bus, but I gave him a ride instead. Thank goodness I did cause it for some odd reason took his bus that is suppose to pick him up at 8:05 almost 50mins to get to the school, that is 5mins away from Grandma and Papa's house.

He did get to ride the bus home and that was another ordeal. He was greeted by Momma, Dad, little sister , Grandma and Papa. I was of course camera ready! So he had a wonderful first day and loved his lunch!

I will always remember my 2nd grade year, my teacher was Mrs. Allen she was so pretty and sweet. Omg that was back in September 1988, I will always remember that school year... I won the young authors award that year and got to go to the big conference they have or use to? My book was called "All about babies". Of course at age 8 I only thought I knew all about babies, but I still won a award for it. See that was the year my mumsy was prego with my little brother, so I was not only excited my mom was having a baby, but even more excited I was finally getting a brother.

Sorry I am rambling, just thought I would share that story with you...

Do you remember your 2nd grade school year? or better yet what year it was?



Friday, September 4, 2009

Dancing Machine....

Good afternoon~

So I am super duper excited about my Mazie's dance class... She starts next Saturday at Just For Kicks dance studio. So next on the to do list is to go get her leotards, tights, PINK ballet shoes and black tap shoes. This will be a fun thing for mommy and Mazie to go out and do. I hope she really enjoys taking dance.

As a little girl I always begged my mom to put me in Tap... I would even try or pretend to tap with my fancy church shoes. You girls know what I am sayin. It never happened, my family was into the sports scene. It was either softball or basketball. So the day I found out I was going to have a little girl, that was the second thing that came to my mind... Dance! You may not want to know the first thing that came to mind.LOL

So here we are preparing for my little sweetie's ballet/tap class. I can't wait to see my little Mazie Lue looking all cute with her dance attire and her long curly locks pulled up in a bun. Oh yes mommy will be there every time camera in hand.

*For those who were wondering; I did go to urgent care the other night and my rib pain is still a mystery... So if it is still there next week, I will have to take this to my regular doc. So no dancing for me at this time! :o)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot mess!!!

Okay so here is the deal, I am getting ready to turn 29 this fall... Yeah I know yikes! Say it, I am falling apart and there is nothing to do about it.

So almost a week now I have had this pain in my left lower rib. It hurts when I cough, laugh, talk, sing, its pretty much constant. yeah I said sing, you didn't know that I am a singer. Oh yeah I do some killer karaokee and I just did some singing last Friday. So it is a mystery on why my rib is on the fritz? I am going to get some answers tonight at good ol' urgent care... GO MULTICARE!

As I am dealing with this rib issue, I go do some grocery shopping and as I am taking a bag out of my Jeep to take into my house... BAM a big can of Campbell's soup lands right on the top of my left foot, bare foot that is. Ouchy!!! Okay maybe I said some other choices words and hopped up and down. My neighbors probably thought I was a freak. By the way the plastic none durable bag was from walmart, note to self.
So this morning I go to put my nifty puma's on and yeah no way this swollen foot was gonna let that happen nor my high tolerance for pain. So I risked it and wore my pink slippers to work. Note: My supervisor was not in today (hehehe). So I have been hobbling around the office all day looking like a gimp.
So this was a blog to whine and let you all know and to let myself know life could be way worse and I just have to deal with the glitches. Hey I may be getting older, it only means that my injuries and mystery mishaps may just take a bit longer to heal now.