Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How my babes got their names

I have been thinking of names... How we come up with them... How well they fit our personalities... and how they are so unique in so many ways.

When it came down to picking names for my two children we stuck with unique and different names. Names you don't hear very often... Since my children's grandparents were so unique when picking out their father and uncles names I was very excited to carry out the tradition.
The tradition actually started with Ryder and Mazie's Great Grandmother Marilyn (R.I.P). She was a mother of 9... yep nine children. They all had five letters in their first and three letters in their middle names. The tradition was carried on with their grandpa and Grandma when they had their boys (Basil Ash,Miles Oak and Trent Jet). Super cool huh! *Hippies*

My name planning first started when I was a Sophomore in high school. I took a early childhood education class where we had to cut out a pic of a baby, name them and list their characteristics. My baby was a boy, and I gave him the name Jonathan Rider. I always loved the name Jonathan... all because of the show “Who's the Boss”... Remember that show? Tehehe! The name Rider I had heard one time before... I thought its was so cool and I had never met a Rider before.
As time went on I met my ex Miles my junior year in high school... We would talk about our future together and names for our future babies we planned to have. We both were huge Beatles fans... I fell in love with the name Jude...(Hey Jude) I wanted to be able to sing that to my "future" son... I had the idea of naming our children after names in songs so I could sing it to them as they grew up. Thinking that it would make their name something extra special ;).
Miles on the other hand liked the name Rufus for a boy... Eeeek! So for his graduation I got him a puppy... and he named him Rufus. Few whee! Thank god we got the puppy before we started having babies.*wink*
After we were married and found out we were expecting our first child my mind was already set on the name Jude for a boy... Miles agreed too... We had the name Aubri Rae picked out for a girl. I racked my brain everyday trying to figure out how to spell Jude with 5 letters... Judde... um no... Judus (Jude for short)... Nothing seemed to make sense. As soon as we found out we were expecting a boy... the name game started! Miles all of a sudden wanted a Miles Oak Jr. Noooooo! I mean I like the unique name but I wanted my son to have his own name, his own identity.
So we purchased a baby name book... I was suggesting any unique name that could be spelt with 5 letters. My mother came up with Jaxon (my maiden name is Jackson) and said you can call him Jax for short. I loved it... But every name I suggested and liked Miles would shoot it down with a big NO! This man was stuck on having a
I suggested Rider... and got a huge N-O!
Finally one day as we sat in his mother's living room thinking of names... I said the name Rider again.... I could see the wheels turning the brain thinking and I finally got a OKAY! I also remember getting a big kick from the baby, I figured he liked the name we decided on or was telling us NOOOOO! Either way we had finally agreed on a name for our son and we were going to stick with it. As for the middle name... I had nothing to do with that one, I left it up to Miles to pick it out since I chose the first name. He went through that huge baby book picking any "boy" 3 letter name... Ali (pronounced Ah-lee as in "Muhammad Ali"), Ere (pronounced Air) and then there was Ion (pronounced I-on). I said yes! There we had a unique 5 letter first name and 3 letter middle name.
RYDER-Knight, Mounted Warrior
ION-God Is Good

Its funny cause my son loves to RIDE dirt bikes, quads and anything with wheels. He started his dirt bike riding when he was just 28 months old… The name fits perfectly!
 Picking our daughter's first name was simple as a dimple... One evening 2 years before she was even thought of *wink*. Her dad and big bro were watching a classic 80's movie "Uncle Buck" you know the one starring the late John Candy. The two little twins in the movie names were “Miles and Maizy”. I came home after they watched it and was greeted with "Hey I have the perfect girl name." This was out of no where since we were not planning on having another one for at least a few more years.Then he had also suggested Mitzy, I thought it sounded like a stripper name lol (I secretly really like it now).

I liked the name Maizy even more…
So about two years later when I found out I was pregnant our girl name was already picked and set. As for the boy name I liked Tytan… I wanted to have a Ry and a Ty… Cute huh? Okay well I certainly think so… Plus I liked STRONG names warrior names.

As soon as the ultrasound tech told us we were expecting a little girl we were very surprised (we both wanted all boys). Ryder on the other hand was estatic… He was praying for a little sister. Now we had to figure out the spelling of her name and a 3 letter middle name. There are so many ways to spell Maizy… At work one day a older retired school teacher asked me if I had a name for my baby yet? I told her the name we had picked out, she was excited to hear it. She told me it was a old fashion name, and there is a old southern song from 1901 that was called “Maizy, my dusky daisy”.
She also gave me ideas on how to spell the name. MAZIE, she wrote it in beautiful cursive handwriting and said this way its flows and starts up and then goes down. I loved it!

Now picking her middle name was a challenge… Miles was stuck on having her middle name be Lou… I liked so many different ones. Blu and Aly where my two fav’s. We couldn’t agree… I just kept thinking Mazie Lou sounded so country. My co-workers even got in on the 3 letter name game. Finally on our way to the hospital for my scheduled C-section, Miles said he really wanted her middle name to be Lou… So I agreed as long as it was spelt differently. So he came up with LUE, I agreed and that is how my daughter got her name.

LUE-Famous warrior

My sweet Mazie Lue at age 1 she has always loved the camera!
***I guess I wrote this post today cause I have been having baby fever major lately… Maybe its cause I am about to turn thirty one soon, maybe its cause my baby girl is turning 5 and starting kindergarten this fall. Or maybe I just have a certain clock that has been ticking non stop… Whatever it may be writing this post either helped or it made me want one even more. I love picking out baby names… So for now maybe I will talk T into getting me a kitty or a puppy, maybe that will hold me over until his clock starts to tick… Wait do men even have one of those? Baby fever? Get back to me on that one… *wink*


  1. More babies for you!! I love their names! I'm a totally hippy when it comes to naming. I have all flower/nature names picked out for a girl

  2. I know I have been coming up with some awesome names too... When I say them to T, I get weird looks. He is NOT a hippy at all... So when we do start the baby chapter its going to be a long road on the name deciding.
    We have been discussing the "baby" topic a lot lately *wink* so I see it in approaching soon. Yippie!