Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend update- Jan 28th-30th

Wow! Is the only word I can think of for the busy weekend I had. We started it off on Friday night with a much needed trip to Costco. After that trip I think we are good on food until March. I love the feeling of having a kitchen and pantry stocked up with foods. Plus I have finally convinced T to jump aboard the “life style” change with me.

Saturday we went and looked at a house in Gig Harbor. The house was nice and we really liked the location, but the carpet through out the whole house is what turned us off. Carpet in a kitchen? I mean gross! I have a bad enough time having carpet in my dinning room let alone in the flippin kitchen. I make messes when I am in chef mode.

After the tour we went out to Silverdale to go check out the huge job fair they were having for the shipyard. T got some resumes handed out and he got signed up to take the asset test for the apprentice program they offer through the shipyard.

Saturday night I was invited to go to the adult skate session with some friends. Since T doesn’t skate I invited my beautiful friend  perfectdisaster to join me. We had a blast! Except for the drama one lady had with us, apparently she takes her skating seriously and we were skating too slowly for her liking. Whatevs! I ended up falling once and ramming my shin into a wooden bench and then I did it a 2nd time right before we left. Ouchy! Just typing this makes my bruise/goose egg throb. It turned out to be a great work out and so much fun.

Started out our Sunday morning with a nail biting NBA game. It was the Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, my two favorite teams to watch. So the game could have gone either way, but I won’t bore you with basketball talk at the moment.

T and I went on an adventure to the outlet stores in Centralia. We had so much fun shopping together and finding great deals. It was a fantastic mini road trip on a Sunday afternoon.

There you have it folks the weekend update has come to an end.

Wonder what will be in store for next weekend? Hmmmm I better start planning now.

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