Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Portland Adventure!

Wow what a wonderful weekend getaway we had. Our adventure started at the Train Station in Tacoma. It was T, Me, Andrew, Carleen, Bender and Bri. We were all set for some good times in Portland to celebrate T's 27th and Bri's 25th birthdays. They both share the same bday on the 5th. We had been planning this trip since November, and Bender and Andrew made sure it all happened. They did all the planning of the Train tickets and Hotel these guys are such good friends to my Sweet T and I am thankful he has them in his life. We were all excited for our mini adventure.


As soon as we reached Portland after a 3 hour train ride we headed for the Marriott Hotel downtown to check in and drop off our backpacks. Then after some relaxing and story telling we set off to our first destination.

Here is where we went to catch the last half of the Seahawks game and they won! It was legendary and very exciting to see how many Seahwaks fans there is in Oregon. Of course it was time for a celebration. We had some yummy Blueberry beer, Flat bread w/ Hummus, Spinach dip and Gorgonzola fries. It was good times, good beer and good food!

After Henry's we walked around and found this place called Dixie's Tavern. If you have ever seen coyote ugly it was exactly that kinda of place. We were there early so it was pretty empty. They only served beer in cans, us girls had blue moon in a can. I have never heard of such a thing. Carleen,Bri and I all went to one area to have some girl talk and we let the boys have their space. Before we left us girls did a mini photo shoot with the Captain Morgan statue they had at the Dixie's. I forgot my camera so I'll have one of the girls hook me up with some pic's.

After some beers in a can at Dixie's we all headed over to do some Karaoke at this place

I love to sing and support others who sing too. Okay when I say support I mean I sing along with them. LOL I had a song already picked out since I had been singing it in the shower for a week prior to our trip. I was the first one in the gang to get up and sing. My song for the night was "Throwing it all Away" By Genesis I love all their tunes! I know way too many lyrics to songs from Country, oldies, 80's, classic rock to hip hop and I may dabble with some rap too. Note: After a fiasco of trying to karaoke to Rappers delight after a few drinks, I no longer do the rap scene at the karaoke spots. Im just sayin!
The biggest shocker of the night was when T and Bri went up and did a duo. If you know my T, he is very quite and extremely shy, he gets embarrassed when I get up and sing (Im pretty sure he is over that by now and very use to my singing in public). They sang a Kesha song it was history in the making for sure. I am so proud of him and I know we all had a blast. One of the best parts of T and Bri's performance was Andrew out on the dance floor (solo) getin down to their version of kesha's "Tick Tock". We had a great night full of memories and silly moments. We are a fun gang to hang with for sure! After we left The Broiler room, we stopped and got some yummy brawts and went back to the hotel.

Andrew treated us all to breakfast at the Morning Star Cafe. The door man at our hotel suggested it, great food and bloody mary's. The menu was very unique, T actually had BOAR sausage. I passed on the boar and went with the Ham instead. We do recommend this cafe if your ever in the Portland area, it was very laid back the owners were very nice people. Another place I personally suggest if you are a doughnut lover is VooDoo doughnut. Every where we went you saw at least 2 or three people caring a big pink box of VooDoo doughnuts. I was trying to get T to try their maple bacon bar. He didn't like the idea of those flavors together, so he just stuck with a big cup of coffee.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and browsing around downtown. We had plenty of time to kill since our train wasn't leaving until 7:20pm. We got back to Tacoma around 10:30pm and went strait home after we dropped Andrew and Carleen off, they only live 3 mins
T and I stayed up until 2:30am having some good talks about our weekend. It was hard to get up for work the next day when my alarm went off at 5:30am. Eeek, Im still paying for it!
It was a super fun mini getaway with friends and I can't wait for future trips to come. Shoot, I am already planning to go back to Portland just to shop! *Wink* No taxes!

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