Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Froggy style

I have been plotting and planning my best friend’s baby shower since her wedding day (3/21/2009). So you could only imagine my reaction when she shared the exciting news that she was pregnant, I cried tears of joy and excitement. Then we both got the giggles and I had a grin stuck on my face the rest of the day.

Bee is due May 8th, mother’s day! I get to watch her belly grow weekly since we work in the same building.

Now I have a chance to put my party planning skills to work. I have so many ideas; my first mission is to pick out the perfect invites. Bee loves frogs, so I am going to go with the froggy theme for sure. I found an awesome website zazzle.com and they have 3 pages of frog baby shower invites to choose from.

This is the one I decided to order.
Ain't it cute? They even have special stamps to match the theme hehehe.
This is so much fun I want to become a party planner!

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