Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It may be winter, but its ALWAYS sunny

I am a firm believer of laughter being the best medicine for those feeling down kinda days. So since the last few days have been dreary, T and I decided to watch a “funny” movie. Dinner for Schmucks…. No comment on that one. We both really did not like it and we found ourselves getting angry with the characters in the film.
We then decided to pop in “its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Even though we finished all 5 seasons in just two weeks we still can’t get enough. So we started watching the Sunny DVD 6pack all over again. T and I share the same sense of humor when it comes to comedy.
I love to laugh and most of all I enjoy making others laugh, especially when they are feeling down. T’s laugh and smile are my favorite and I love to see those cute dimples. Today is T’s 27th birthday so I am taking him out to a nice fancy dinner at Anthony’s at Point Defiance along the water front. Happy Birthday Sweet T!

Congratulations to Sunny for winning BEST TV comedy in the Best of Clicker 2010 awards!!! What a funny and talented gang.
This dreary winter will be okay as long as we have Sunny.

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