Friday, January 7, 2011

Life Style Change 2011

Planning vacations is always fun to do when you work 40 plus hours a week, and always have a never ending to do list. On top of that I have two children whom are always doing some sort of activity or sport on the evenings and weekends.
So I decided it was time for T and me to take a vaca this March to Mexico. Since our last vaca was a family one, we are so ready for adult only one. This weekend we will be taking a mini getaway to Portland, OR and we are so ready for good times with great friends.
All this vacation talk and planning has me really thinking about my body and how it is so NOT bikini ready. I was looking at a few pic’s and they really got me thinking and wishing. I really need to think of them as motivation pictures. Its extremely hard to since in these pictures I was 26/27 years old.

This one of my girlfriends and I really takes me back to my fit and tan days. When I really didn’t have to do much for my figure just hop on my elliptical a few times a week.

This pic was taken August 11th 2007 the night I met my Sweet T at the Firwood. I was 26 years old and looking good.

This Picture really shows how young T and I were. T was 23 years old and I was 26. T has such a cute baby face in this pic.

This was the night before we went to Bumbershoot (which is a 3day concert series at the Seattle Center). We went and saw his favorite; Lupe Fiasco. Good Times!

Here we are out celebrating my 27th birthday at the Firwood of course. 11/23/2007

I had decided to go from being a blonde my whole life to brunette just weeks before these pictures… Let me tell you I was not a fan of the new hair color at all. Now I look at these pic’s and I think wow I love my hair and my tan and my in shape body. *blah*

So I will be using these as a motivator to get my rear in gear and start treating myself better. This time I will take it easy on the whole tanning thing. *wink*
I do have a plan and it has nothing to do with the New Year or stinking resolutions. Its just a life style change, now that I am 30 years old I need to start taking care of myself better.
I started Physical Therapy last week to help with my neck and back pain. I love it; they are showing me how to work out the right way to help strengthen my muscles in my back /neck. Apparently I am a major wimp when it comes to muscles. I also was told after having a MRI last week that I do indeed have scoliosis in my neck and upper back area and sitting at a computer all day is not helping with that one bit. I may be thirty but I am way too young to be feeling this old all the time. I have tons to motivate me and getting into shape for Cabo is a huge motivation if you ask me.
Here’s to a new “lifestyle” change!

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