Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IRON MAN... Girly Style?

My little girl loves IRON MAN! She wants everything that has to do with Iron Man… Including her swim suit! Yes folk my daughter wants an Iron Man bathing suit.

It all started with her Little Mermaid swim suit that she wore all last summer… Well now that is way too small and she is asking for an Iron Man swim suit now.
I thought I’d be the cool mom and get my girl what she wants. I told her “Momma is going to get you an Iron Man swim suit for this summer.” I swear she cried tears of joy when I said that. She said “Momma thank you so very much for getting me an Iron Man bathing suit” and had a huge smile on her face.
I figured shoot all I have to do is google “girls Iron Man swim suit” and bam there it will be and I can just order it online.
Nope! Not the case at all. *sad face*
You see they DON’T make Iron Man swim suits for GIRLS. Now I am on a mission, a mission to make it right for the girls out there who like super hero’s too. First I must make my lil Z happy. I am sure she isn’t the only little girl who is into that kinda stuff. Right?

So now my next step is to find Iron Man “swim suit” spandex fabric… Either learn how to sew or find someone who can sew who is willing to help make my daughters dream come true. Do I have any takers? Anyone? Please? Help?

Truly I need to learn how to sew, especially if my daughter has such high demands for action hero clothing. Plus I can make pants long enough for my extra long legs. It would benefit both of us really. Its just I don’t have the time to take a sewing class at the moment. Grrrrr!

My little Iron Man fan has a birthday coming up this July and it would be nice to give her the swim suit along with a matching towel (which will be easy to find).

****Please contact me if you know or can help me figure this swim suit situation out?

Thank you!
By the way how many times did I mention the words IRON MAN in this post?

This one is for you Mazie Lue!

There's my little Z as Iron Man for Halloween.. Ain't she cute? 2010

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  1. I was wondering if you had any luck with this. I too have an IRON GIRL!!