Monday, April 11, 2011

Cabo Wabo!

Our 2nd day in Cabo. The views from the boat were beautiful! It was heaven waking up to this two mornings in a row. Enjoying our breakfast staring out the window to paradise.

Our first stop that day was SENOR Frogs. Yes that is our bucket of beer. Don't judge us... LOL

The clown there made us balloon hats! I know you want
Oh and he took our picture and MADE us kiss *wink* My apologies for the kissy pic's. You do have to agree, we make a handsome couple, don't we?

Then out of no where one of the handsome waiters grabbed me by the hand and led me to the dance floor/sidewalk. We salsa danced for a few minutes and others joined us. T just sat at the table snapping pic's. We even had a conga line started and there were plenty of shots going on. Hey don't judge! A)I was on vacation B) We were at Senor Frogs and C) We had a blast!

T was happy after taking a body shot off me of course. I love the look on his face, he looks like a little boy in a candy store. Ahh I love him!

These two wonderfully talented gentle men provided us with some nice music while we enjoyed our lunch. The footage of these fellas is way better on my flip, cause you can hear the happy Mexican song they were playing/singing to us.

This place had a killer deal on fish tacos and Pacifico beer. We love Cabo!

I just had to take this pic cause it was way too cute not

This was my favorite spot to visit! Lovers Cove. It was purely romantic.

I just had to take this pic! Not a porky's fan but it took me back to my younger days for sure.

Saying our good bye's to Beautiful Cabo San Lucas
We shall return and make it a much longer stay too.

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