Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food... The best part of traveling!

The thing I miss most about the cruise is the wonderful tasty food! I didn't have to cook a single meal for 10 whole days. Now that is a vacation. I think it may have been my favorite part about the trip. I miss going to get ice cream or frozen yogurt at anytime of the day/night. T's favorite was the 24 hour pizzeria. The buffets were to die for. They had at least 5 different buffets on the ship. You could have a sit down breakfast in the restaurant or just hit up the buffet. For Lunch it was buffets of food from all over the world. I was a fan of all the yummy salads. Don't get me started on the burrito bar. Yummo!

This is what we dined on our second night for dinner. It was elegant night and they sure knew how to feed us. I love seafood, but for some reason never been a lobster fan. This night I was! *wink*

Here is T enjoying yummy BBQ tacos. This place was recommended by our good friend Marcos in PV.

These were the best tacos we had ever had. The meat is cooked all day with a sweet BBQ sauce, then they serve it with pineapple and cilantro. YUMMY!

Dessert had to be the icing on the cake for our fancy dinner's.

The melting chocolate cake was my favorite and I miss it so much. I think I had this every night, even if I was stuffed from dinner. T actually found me some at the store cause I was craving it so much when we got home.

Going on a cruise they feed you so well, when we got home we didn't know what to do with ourselves, no buffet to go to at anytime we wanted and NO more frozen yogurt. I would go on a cruise in a heartbeat just for the FOOD!

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