Friday, April 1, 2011


On Wednesday I attended Ryder’s parent teacher conference… His teachers enjoy having him in class, and always have wonderful things to say.

Ryder has been struggling with reading since day one. We have tried everything we could think of reading at home everyday, summer school and he receives extra help at school from his reading teacher (since 1st grade). I thought he was improving and he seemed to be doing so much better. So it was much to my surprise when his teacher told me he is not excelling in reading. Ryder has maintained at the same reading level since September. His teacher is concerned about his focus issues and suggested I take him into see his pediatrician. Ryder is now struggling and behind in ALL of his subjects. As long as he doesn’t excel in his reading skills, he will not excel in Math and Writing.

Ryder’s reading teacher (Since 1st grade) mentioned last year at one of his conferences that she noticed Ryder spacing out and not focusing during reading class. Ryder tends to be very forgetful; the kid constantly forgets things, like his backpack or homework. He has a hard time completing tasks and he takes frequent visits to space land.

I have noticed this focus issue with Ry way back when he was 2-3yrs old. I always found myself saying “Earth to Ryder, Ryder to Earth” because he was always drifting off to Lala land. He is 9 years old and I am still finding myself saying that to him. If I really need him to listen and pay attention I have to get right in his face to make sure he is looking at me, but I still get the sense at times he isn’t paying attention at all. I snap my fingers in his face when I notice he is zoning out. I use to joke and say he was a space cadet, not knowing this was something that was affecting his education.

Ryder’s teacher really thinks that his focus issues maybe what is affecting his reading, and wants me to talk to his counselor and doctor about these learning issues Ry is facing.

She informed of the WASL testing they have coming up and she knows Ryder will struggle with it. It breaks my heart that my little boy is struggling in school, I struggled my whole school career and I am determined to do what ever it takes to get my children a good education. Ryder loves school and so did I up until 4th grade, I struggled so bad it made me hate school. If I have to get a 2nd job to pay for private school/tutoring I will! I am ready to do whatever it takes to make sure both kids succeed in school.

Until then Ryder has appointments next week for testing at the Kumon tutoring center and to see his pediatrician.

*Ryder has goals to go to College and become a Veterinarian and I know he will succeed!

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