Friday, April 22, 2011

And the list goes on....

Too much going on in life, so much in fact it’s hard to fit it all in one blog. So I will just give you the short version for now, so it will look more like a list.

Doctor appointments for both kids, Ryder for his school issues and Mazie because she has allergies major.

Filling paper work out to evaluate Ryder; mom, dad, teacher, reading teacher and music teacher all had to do questionnaire’s to figure out why my sweet boy is struggling in school.

Kumon program appointments for Ryder

Kindergarten sign ups for my lil Mazie. Oh yeah she is signed up for all day kindergarten for 2011-2012 school year.

Jazz class for Mazie every Saturday morning.

Getting our house ready for a possible move. *Our landlords just informed us they will be selling the house (good luck with that). But they did lower our rent, because we have to deal with random people coming in and out looking at “our” home.

In the process of selling my 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition asking price $3500.00, cheap isn’t it? I bought it back in 2005 for 17k. It’s a wonderful car and has nothing wrong with it at all just has 194k miles on it. From all the DRIVING/COMMUTING I do on a weekly basis.
Hoping to get it sold by this weekend, either way I plan to go car shopping. I am looking for a 2006-2008 VW gti. Just needing a cute little car with good gas mileage and perfect for commuting. I use to have a ’97 VW Jetta and I loved it!

I just was re certified for CPR, so I got to take that four hour class yesterday morning before going to work.
Started the process of signing up for EMT school, got all my FAFSA set up and sent to TCC (Tacoma Community College) where I will be taking the EMT basic program this Fall (2011). I was going to start this summer, but there is just too much on my plate with kids being out of school and our mini trips we have planned. Hopefully by this fall I will be able to cut back on my work schedule to 3-12 hour shifts. I am not looking forward to going to work M-F 7am-4pm and then doing school M-F 6pm-10pm and some classes on the weekends. Wowza!
In the end I know all the sacrifices will be well worth it. I will get to help people who need medical attention and my work schedule will be 2 days a week (2-24hr shifts). So I will be home more to be a mommy.
After working with the firefighters yesterday it made me want this career even more. I am excited and can’t wait to start the program.

To add to the list I am still squeezing in time for Zumba and my 2.5 mile run. Yep I am preparing for The Sound to Narrows 12k run (June 11th) and the 5k mud marathon on (June 18th). I know your thinking “this chick is krazy!” To be honest with you I love it all, I love to be a busy working bee. When I have nothing to do and no kids to maintain that is when I go insane. SERIOUSLY! The days I have nothing to do and I am all alone I find myself watching my favorite channel ID. I love it!

So there you have it the long short version of what this tall girl has been up to the past two weeks.

Guess what I am wearing heels today and they are super cute! *wink*

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