Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Patty's day in PV

T and I cruzin with our personal tour guide Marcos in PV. Like my green beads? It was St. Patty's day!!!

We had to stop at the beach to check out the artistic sand sculptures. This one was our fav. The guy in the back ground is misting it so it dosen't dry out and fall apart.

Not the best pose but I had to get a solo pic of me at the beach in PV.

Does T look like a tourist or what? I love his pose!

After we toured around PV, we went to the beach to hang out and chillax. Yep, I still got my green on, I didn't want to get pintched. HA! Joke was on me... they don't even celebrate St. Patricks day in Mexico, but the tourist

The water was pretty choppy and we were advised by Marcos not to swim in the ocean. It looked pretty dangerous too, so we went for the pool, located at the beach resort. T swam while I got some sun and munched on chips and salsa. The best I ever had! 

Leaving the beach resort headed back to the cruise ship, we figured we needed to take more pictures. Here I am posing for the handsome camera guy. For some reason T really liked this gazebo, I don't get it?

I want my flower bed to look like this!

T with his new little friends... Mind you T is 6 ft 5in!

On our way to dinner after our long day of site seeing. Btw my beads are gone, but I had green on my dress.

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