Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cinnamon bonding

Back in December I started a new tradition of baking a ton of cinnamon rolls (12 pans) for family and friends. Ali and her two girls were one of the many who received a special delivery personally from ME. 
Since then I have had many requests for more cinnamon rolls… Ali hit me up a few weeks ago and wanted to get together for a cinnamon roll baking day. Since her hubby was over seas the past year and missed the special delivery in December, it was a must to get this done.

I sent Ali the link for the not so secret Pioneer Woman recipe and she did the shopping for ingredients. We got together on Sunday (May Day) after the kids and I went to church. Our loverly friend Angie and her three kiddos joined us and we made it a BBQ day. It was nice the dough was ready to go when I arrived, so I got to do the fun part. Kneading, rolling, lots of butter pouring and then I had two lovely assistants helping sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar (Lilly age 2 and Alicia age 13). While all the girls were in the kitchen, the boys were out playing with Ali’s hubby James while he worked on grilling burgers and dogs for us. Sunday was full of sun and it was a great day for a BBQ. I think everyone in the Pacific Northwest was barbecuing that day. When the sun comes out we Washingtonians soak it up majorly.

Our yummy Cinnamon Rolls, they were huge!

Ali and me- frosting the rolls, the frosting is what makes these melt in your mouth. (Not pictured Angela-she was taking the photos)
This day was much needed and we girls had a bunch to catch up on. I am glad to have good life long friends who live close by. We have so many plans for the summer and I can't wait to blog all about it.

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