Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls night...egg coloring,stickers and pictures!

Friday night I had a special treat...

I got to have a girls night with my little Sunshine Bear, my Tinker, my Monkey, my Lue Lue, my Maze. Geez could she have anymore nick names? Nah, I didn;t think so either. *giggle*

Mazie Lue was so happy to color ALL the eggs all on her own. No big bro there to help or share with. It was just her and momma. She was on cloud nine!

This pic shows my daughter's personality to a Tee!
We took photos and had a blast just me and my girl.

She did awesome coloring the eggs, can't you tell by her concentration face? Every egg she dyed, I would say "Careful, easy, nice and slow, careful." I think she got the point by the last

My silly girl, loves the camera and loves to make us laugh. Gee I wonder where she gets it from?

Putting the stickers on each egg so carefully.... I ended up helping out. She would say which sticker she needed next and I would peel it off and stick it on her finger. As instructed by the pro her self.

This particular egg was her favorite... She said that about all 12 of them. *wink*

Mazie was so proud of all the eggs, she wanted to keep them in her room. I told her they would get stinky and rotten so they had to be kept in the fridge.
Saturday Morning I looked in the egg carton and there was a missing egg.
Me:"Hey Maze? There is a egg missing!"
Maze:"Oh, its right here, I was keeping it safe."
It was wrapped up in Kleenex.
Maze:"Momma its my favorite and I wanna take it to daddy's."
Ahhhh... Four year old gotta love em!

It was nice spending one on one time with my little Zee (yep another nick name), we sure did miss our Ryder though. Ry was with daddy working, and having their boy time...

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