Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tequlia.... Factory, tour and tasting

We met a wonderful cab driver who was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta he knew all the right places to take us. Marcos was our own personal tour guide for our day in PV. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable about the country and cultures.
This is a agave plant... It all starts here folks.

T was very interested in this foreign plant. They had a small garden for display since the real crops where down the road and where about 20 acres of nothing but agave plants. That is where the real big factory was located. We had the tour at the smaller one where is was more of a one on one tour. Yep, T and I had our own private tour.

This is our lovely guide showing us what the agave looks like once its pulled out from the soil. It kinda like a bulb, like tulips have. That is what they use to make the tequila.

This one has not been cooked or put in the fire pit yet. So it the before picture.

This is what the agave looks like after they have cooked it and the syrup starts coming out. Its almost like they caramelize it.

This is what they use to cook the agave to get all the juices out of the "bulbs".

Here is where they let it ferment after getting all the liquid out of the cooked agave. It looks nothing like tequila, its very foggy and looks kind of like muddy water.

This is what they used to make the mucky stuff into clear pure agave tequila.

Now it was time to taste there famous tequila. Which I may add you CAN not get in the USA.

They had five different kinds to taste, even the tour guide and Marcos joined us in the tequila tasting. My favorite was the almond... I wanted it so bad just for cooking purposes and it would go great in coffee (if I drank it). We settled for the most expensive and most strongest tequila to bring home. $60 later we had our bottle of tequila, which will only be used for special occasions. Like birthdays, holidays and celebrations. So if you ever come to our home and we brake out the tequila it simply means you are special ;)

I couldn't understand why this poor donkey was tied up just hanging around. My friend Maria informed me that this was their vehicle.LOL  Mr. Donkey was cute and I believe he was there for decoration. Tehehehe!

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