Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend update

Lets this say this weekend was full of celebrations!

I started mine attending a co-workers baby shower right after work on Friday. It was a joy to get the whole office together to celebrate the upcoming birth of Kim's baby girl and to say our good byes to her since she has decided to become a stay home mommy. LUCKY!
Meanwhile T and Isaiah were hanging out with Andrew (T's best friend) doing boy

Saturday afternoon Isaiah and I attended two BBQ/birthday parties. Our first was to my friend Ali's daughter's 1st birthday shin dig. Isaiah had fun playing with Ali's boys, while I chatted with the adults.

Then after that party I took Isaiah to his two cousin's double birthday party. He had a blast! They could of played dart guns for hours... oh wait they did. It was nice to see all the kids having so much fun... I had fun too!
After that we went shopping for a father's day gift for T.

T took us out for a Chinese food feast Saturday night!

Sunday.... FATHER'S DAY!
Isaiah was so excited to give his dad his father's day gift... He brought it to T right when he woke up. Its was so cute!

He gave T Sudoku books and word searches... T's favorite! Can't get the guy away from them now. I told Isaiah "we created a monster".lol

I made a big homemade brunch... Eggs, Bacon, Stuffed hash browns and toast. Of course it was a hit! *wink*

The rest of our day we just chillaxed.... Watched some movies and ate junk food/sweets. Both T and Isaiah have a love for licorice I have recently discovered.

T with our crew (Mazie,Isaiah and Ryder)
I just want to thank T for being such a good daddy to all three of our kids... They are all very blessed to have more then one daddy to love them. I appreciate all the daddy duties he takes on with my two kids, and he understands when it comes to parenting ALL of our kids we are in it as a team.

Way to be a team player T!

We love you!

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  1. this made me smile, thank you. but you forgot to put cleaning up puppy pee, surely the highlight of the weekend,luv