Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sneak peek-SUMMER PLANS!

My favorite thing to do is plan stuff, it could be anything, a party, an event, a road trip and my most favorite... vacations!

Summer time at my house means trying to keep three children entertained with fun activities, so they don't die of boredom while T and I maintain our full time day jobs.lol

Since T just started his job at Safe Boats International he has a limited of time off until he puts in his 90days. So I am trying to make most of our family fun plans on the weekends.

Our most recent plan that is in the works is taking a road trip to Astoria, OR. That is where Isaiah's grandparents live and we want to take him to see them while he is here visiting from TN. I am pretty excited about this mini trip. Unfortunately my kiddos will be with their dad on the weekend we are going, so it will just be us three going.

One of the places I would love to explore while in Astoria.
  The plan is to leave next Friday right after T gets off work and hit the road to Oregon... We plan to stay the whole weekend... Yippie for three day holiday weekends!

The biggest plan of all is my little princess's 5th birthday! Yep time to plan a princess Iron Man party. My daughter has had some special requests for her birthday this year... She wants an Iron Man themed party, wants to party at ChuckECheese and go to the Ocean.

Kalaloch- Our ocean camping destination. Beautiful!
I have her whole bday week off, so I am going to try my best to make all her wishes come true. So far we have a 5 day camping trip to the ocean planned... As for the other requests I haven't even began to start.

I just hope to get her invites out in the mail by this Friday... *fingers crossed*

I do have a special little surprise for her bday that I am super excited about.... We are going on a day trip to Wild Waves amusment park. It will be Mazie's first time there and I know she will enjoy it just as much, if not more then the boys.
I do have another special family weekend surprise for the kiddos.... Shhhh.... its a SURPRISE trip to...


I figured what a great way to spend one of our last weekends with all three kids this summer. They are going to love it!

On the adult side of my summer planning I am still trying to figure out where T and I should go for a romantic getaway to celebrate our 4 year relationship together. I already have the time off in August (4day weekend), now I just need to find a cool place to go.

Any ideas?

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  1. Salish lodge at snoqualmie falls...they have couple packages with breakfast in bed and a couples fireside massage. The pillows there are awesome...they have a menu...lol