Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Froggy Style (overdue update)

Remember back in February when I was planning a froggy style baby shower for my Sweet Bee? Well I finally got with it and did a post on it. Its pretty much just pictures of the days event, my first time making Gluten Free Fondant Frog cupcakes and the mommy to be. Enjoy!
All this for my best friend Bee! 3/5/11

Froggy Cupcakes ready to be transported to the shower. 3/5/11
These are the only pictures I could get to upload... Grrr! Having tech difficulties indeed...
Hannah (T's baby sister) made ALL the froggies. Didn't they look GREAT? I made all the pink Cream Cheese frosting, lilly pads and gluten free chocolate cupcakes.

The cupcakes on display... along with some other goodies.
  Everybody at the shower thought I had these specially made from a professional cupcake place. They were amazed that it was all done from scratch. Hannah was a big help in all this cupcake madness... I couldn't of pulled it all off with out her.

Bee and Me~3/5/11
I can't wait to throw another successful shower/ party. My daughter is wanting Iron Man cupcakes for her birthday.... Hummmm... Do I even dare to try fondant Iron Man decor?

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