Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day and Night....

At this point I am seeking out for any help or advice on parenting. I have a sweet little girl, she will be 5 years old next month. When I was pregnant with my daughter her big brother wanted nothing but to have a little sister. I found it odd since most little boys wish for a little brother. Not my son from the moment we told him I was having a baby his exact words were "I want a sister". Even though his father and I both were hoping for another boy. The day of the ultrasound my son was present, as soon as the tech told us its a girl... tears welled up in my eyes, and dad sat in silence. My son on the other hand was thrilled and pretty much said "I told you so". I have to admit my tears were not of joy, but they were of fear... I was scared to have a girl. Boys just seemed easier, per my own mother whom raised 3 girls and 1 boy.

* Aug 2008*
 Of course when my beautiful daughter was born it was love at first site. I couldn't imagine my world with out her.

My son was born to be a big brother, he loves and adores his little sister. He has always been eager to help out in anyway he could. He protects her, is very patient and understanding with his sister.

*July 2010*
 My children are so loving to each other, every night they give each other kisses and hugs good night.If one is leaving to go somewhere and the other is staying they always make sure to kiss and hug good bye. Its really sweet the love they have for one another.... *sigh*


Then there is a whole other side to my sweet little girl... You see she has some "anger" issues, and she has good and bad days. Lately she has been having more bad then good. She tends to be violent when things don't go her way. The violent side of her is only acted upon her big brother. My daughter is a rough and tough little girl. She fears NOTHING... well she told me the other day the only thing that scares her are ghosts. Huh? Last night she bit her brother on the stomach, hard... I mean real hard. So hard it left a bruise and my son was crying so hard that I had to remind him to breathe. When I looked at what she had done I was furious. A "punishment" was given right over my knee, then she was sat in the "time out" chair in our bedroom. I asked her why she did that to her brother and all she could do was shrug her shoulders and say "I don't know?" Lord help me! My daughter seems to show no remorse for this... I had her sit in the chair until she could tell me WHY she bit him. She is lucky her brother is so forgiving and loving...

This was just an example of how extreme she can get with him. She punches, scratches and sometimes uses objects to harm her brother. I just don't know what else to do about this violence. I know she loves her brother, but there has got to be another way for her to show her anger.

The other issue we have been discovering is her lying. Yep my daughter can be a little liar liar pants on fire! Just this week alone she has been caught telling a handful of lies. I am beside myself on this issue... I finally talked to her dad, step mom and T about helping me with this issue. Our next step is going to be with her counselor. If I didn't do some investigation or questioning with some of her lies she has told she would of gotten away with it scott free. It bothers me that she would be okay with that. It seems no matter what we do to punish her it never seems to affect her in anyway.

My children are like DAY and NIGHT (which most are). I have my son whom is a gentle, passive, laid back, emotional and loving kinda guy. My daughter is hard headed, determined, strong willed, and fearless. Both have a wonderful sense of humor, style, a love for music and sports.

As of now I am finding myself in a state of confusion on how to deal with this misbehavior.
I have started to do some reading and research to educate myself more on these subjects in this post.

****I would love to get some feed back, advice or just a simple prayer to help our family get through this rough patch my little one has developed.

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