Monday, June 27, 2011

My Tiny Jazz Dancer

This weekend was busy right from the time I clocked off Friday at 5pm. Mazie had rehearsals for her dance recital that took place Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning I had to get all my weekend duties done. I cleaned the whole house, and made a much needed trip to Costco and Walmart. Then the rest of my weekend was consumed of dance recital......

Just for Kicks

Mazie and her dance trophy, after her 1st performance.
 The dance academy Mazie attended for the 2nd time is huge! So they have to do the show into two separate shows. Show A and show B... Mazie starred in show B at 5pm Saturday. T, Me, Ryder, Isaiah and Papa went and watched our Tiny jazz dancer perform. She did awesome! We were all very proud of her... The boys left with Papa at intermission, and T and I stayed since the show still had another 2 hours to go. It would of been pure torture to have the boys stay for the second half of show B. There were 57 performances and Mazie's class was # 20 in the line up. Did I mention there was a show A that had the same amount of performances?  We didn't get out of there until 9:15! I had a very tired dancer by

Mazie getting ready on day two for the 2nd show.
 Round two was on Sunday... This time I was backstage getting the girls ready and we had the earlier showtime at Noon. I had a blast doing Mazie's hair and make-up. I could totally see myself being one of those pageant mom's... If my daughter had the personality for it.
Mazie was being a HAM with the camera. Must be the

Ahh there is my Tiny dancer's signature pose.

All the Tiny Jazz Dancers-"River Deep, Mountain High"-2011
 For the 2nd show Mazie's daddy, Step Mom and baby sister Emery came to watch. I am glad she had family in the audience for both her shows. She is such a lucky little girl. I got to watch them perform from backstage and was told by their teacher it was the best one yet! The girls danced to "River Deep, Mountain High"- The Glee version. I have had the song stuck in my head for 3 days now. lol
Its Showtime!

Flowers from Daddy and step Mom, after her 2nd performance.

Still silly even when she is all dolled up.
Mazie had a great year in Jazz class... Next year after soccer ends she will be doing Hip-Hop! I have a feeling my daughter wants to be a Bgirl. Just sayin!

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