Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I did it! Or should I say WE did it!

This year was my 2nd time doing the Sound To Narrows 12k Run again. Last year I ran with my old co-worker/friend George. He convinced me to become a runner... I had my doubts while we trained last spring and prepared for the longest run of my life. I always had every excuse NOT to run, but once I found my pace I was unstoppable. After finishing 2010's Sound to Narrows 12k run, I felt GREAT!
I began making running part of my lifestyle, especially on a nice sunny or overcast day. Which can be rare here in Washington.
This year I talked my life long friend of 20 years plus to join me. She was just like me, had the same attitude as I did before I started running. My little brother got the word that we were signing up to do the 12k run and of course wanted to join. I was excited to have them “eagar” to join me since my partner from last year was unavailable to make it this year. Either way I was going to run the 12k, with or with out them.
Here is my little Brother Greg "Greggie" and my bff Charlyne before the 12k.
 This was both my brother and Charlyne's first race ever. Charlyne was so nervous, trying to back out and talk me into to just doing the 5k. My brother had only 3 hours a sleep the night prior and was focused on getting a good time. He is extremely competitive, in EVERYTHING.
Charlyne and I before the race. We have been bff's since 1990... Wowza!
 We ran the "RED" 12k race hence the red bib's we are sporting... Yes RED is for the "slower" runners. Hey I never said I was a pro or a fast long distance runner. But I have a mean stride for sprinting *wink* I was so proud of Charlyne for keeping a good pace. She did awesome for her first 12k run, this girl didn't even train for this. What I did to train was run (2.5miles/weather permitted), do my p90x and ZUMBA.
My brother Greg and I before our run.
 My brother is extremely athletic in every which way... He loves running, basketball and lifting weights. This was his first race since he was a senior in high school, and now he is going on his senior year at UW. He is a runner, so of course he ran the "YELLOW" race, which is a step up from the red. I think he should of done the "GREEN" race for the really fast pace runners. Not to brag but my bro is awesome and he finished this 12k along with some of the "green" racers.
Our after running a 12k picture... Still smiling.

Words can't describe the feeling of crossing that finish line. We can't wait to do it all over again next year, right Charlyne and Greg?lol
All I know is WE DID IT and now we are recovering... Hahaha! Stairs are my enemy right about now.

*Nearly 5,500 people ran, walked at crawled at this annual summer event.*


  1. great job! i was remembering running the other night! it is best on a drizzly cool day. i ran whilst T was incubating! i woulda only done the turtle/snail speed color, even then... love ya

  2. It was awesome to do that with you Jackson!!! Next year we will do it again and faster? lol Love you!