Friday, June 10, 2011

My Obsession...

My favorite channel to watch is the ID channel, which stands for Investigation Discovery. I love it so much it literally is the ONLY channel I watch. I guess you could say I am a little obsessed or addicted or simply both!

T doesn't understand why I like to watch shows about real murder mystery's and investigations. I like the cause and affect parts. Most of all I love it when they catch the predator /the person who thought they could do something so horrible and get away with it.

I am hooked from the moment they start the story telling of how the crime all began, then when,how and why the crime is committed (most cases they don't know why?) down to catching the bad guy and then there is the best part the TRIAL. I love it all! Not that I think people who commit homicide are cool, its the whole fact of knowing the evil doing of what some humans are capable of. The plotting, planning and trying to justify their wrong doing or just plain denying they even did anything wrong. The guilty or not guilty. There are some cases where I think;hey maybe they didn't commit this crime? Most of all I am so relieved at the end of the story to know that our justice system has worked.

Lately as I have been running and preparing myself for the Sound to Narrows 12k run I find myself being very cautious of my surroundings. I am feeling uncomfortable in places I use to have no worries. For example the other day as I was running my usual 2.5 mile run I was starting to feel panicky and anxiety... Which is not how you want to feel during a run on a great Pacific Northwest Spring day... I found myself looking over my shoulder at every sound I heard, I kept thinking about the what ifs. As I approached my turn around spot there were two men sitting on some rocks. They looked like they were either taking a break from selling stuff (door to door) or waiting for a ride. I thought it was a awkward place to be hanging out, but I just keep running on by. Of course one says"Hi"... Grrr! Me being nice I replied with a "Hi" back and kept moving, but I had to turn around and run back by them (up hill). As I passed by my second time one said "Keep it up, what you are doing is working for you girl". I replied with a out of breathe "thanks" and I kept running by, I don't think I have ran up hill so fast before... As I was finishing up my run, I kept thinking OMG these dudes are going to come after me... I have seen so many cases of girls on their daily run/jog and get attacked. That is when I realized my obsession with the ID channel has spun out of control. I was now seeing everyone as a threat or a potential predator. Everywhere I go I make myself aware of all my surroundings and start obsessing about if its safe or not?

I have even been warning my kids about these kinda things, my poor kids are going to be little worry warts cause of me. In a way I think its good to be prepared and cautious of dangerous surroundings and people. I find it taking a toll on me in so many ways. My anxiety level is sky high, I started having nightmares of horrid things happening to me, my kids and my family.

Maybe T is right maybe I shouldn't be watching those investigation shows all the time... When I say all the time I mean when I get up for work at 5:00/6:00am I don't turn the TV on to watch the news like I use to or jam out to music... No! I put it on the ID channel and watch "Deadly Woman" ... I find my self watching this channel for hours. I will clean my house during commercial breaks and watch it while folding laundry. Some days when I am not on mommy or girlfriend duty I just veg out curl up on the couch and watch marathons of Disappeared, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, I (almost) Got Away With It, Wicked Attraction, 48 Hours, On the Case with Paula Zahn…. Ahh my list goes on and on. Those are just a few of my favorites.

T doesn’t understand why I like to watch these shows… He thinks they are depressing and that I am a weirdo to be so addicted to them. I try to explain to him that its interesting and educational and I love the story from the crime, investigation and out come of catching the perp (unless its unsolved).

I have always been interested in topics like this, I would love to get in the career of CSI… But it takes a whole lot of schooling and tons of experience in the police force. So I will just settle with my obsession with my shows.

Other familiar shows I find interesting before I found the ID channel were “Snapped” on the Oxygen channel and First 48 on the A&E channel. T use to get worried when I watched “Snapped”, he thought I was watching the shows and getting ideas from the crazy women who would just SNAP. He didn’t get that one either. Lol

Am I alone in this obsession or should I say interest?

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