Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunny 6 pack!

Wow what a Holiday that was!
I came down with a bad case of the tummy flu just days before Christmas. So instead of a 3day Holiday weekend, I had a 4 day weekend. I of course was much better just in time for Christmas Eve. This was a blessing since I had lots of cooking/baking to get done before we had our families over that evening.
I made Sweet n Sour Meatballs, Mini Quiche Tartlets, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar cookies and my yummy Chili Dip. T and I took all the kids and went to Church with my family. After we all went back to our house, where T’s family joined us for our Christmas Eve gathering. I served all the goodies I mentioned above, they were literally inhaled. We had this get together mainly for Ryder and Mazie since they were going to be absent at the family gathering on Christmas (dad’s year).
After all the company left and the kiddos were tucked in bed T insisted I open one of his gifts he had for me. I got a little nervous since T had the camera ready in hand.
I had no clue what it could of been...
Much to my surprise it was the Sunny dvd 6 pack. Oh yes my friends it was legendary! T took about six pictures of me opening the gift. Lets just say the photos and my facial expressions are priceless. This gift put a perma smile on my face, and made me giddy. This gift made my Christmas magical in so many ways. I love this show and the comedy is phenomenal. If you have never watched or heard of "Its always Sunny in Philadelphia" let me tell you my friends you are totally missing out. I told T that I don't need cable anymore, I am happy with seasons 1-5 of my favorites (Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee and Frank).

My other really cool gift T spoiled me with was a new Mino HD flip.

Yes mine looks exactly like this one.
T even hooked me up with a tripod for my flip, a 50$ gift card to VS, earrings, and my favorite perfume (sexy little things) from VS, oh and socks.
So in the past two days I have made 23 videos. I asked for a Flip a few months ago and I pretty much gave up hope on it and forgot that I even mentioned wanting one. Mr. T didn't forget *wink* I am so happy and lucky to have such a thoughtful man in my life. He really knows how to make holidays special and super fun for everyone. I will have to write a whole other post to explain how special and memorable he made our kids Christmas too.

I also was very spoiled by the kids this Christmas. I got a beautiful necklace from Ryder and Mazie, and pink comfy slippers and earrings from Isaiah. I really felt special this Christmas and I have my wonderful family to thank.

What is your favorite gift?

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