Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas morning is all about OUR kiddos

Christmas morning I was awaken by my cell phone at 6:58. It was a text from my ex that read "Hey we're at the hospital and are not gettin the kids today. I will call them later, Merry Christmas". My kids got to stay and have Christmas with us. T called it a Christmas miracle.
The kids came in our room just minutes later. I informed Ryder of the news and they were set to get the morning started ASAP.

At 7:00am all three kiddos jammed out to the fireplace to open their stockings. Mazie was confused on why Santa didn't eat all 3 cookies she left out for him. "Hey mommy Santa left one cookie with a bite taken, why didn't he finish his milk?" Why? Why? Why? typical 4 year old.
The boys were so good at shopping and picking out the perfect gifts for their family. They even wrapped them *wink*

Mazie got her PILLOW PET from her big brother Ryder she was so excited too!

Yes my beautiful 4 year old daughter insisted on wearing her Iron Man costume to bed Christmas eve. I think she would wear it everyday if she could. She did however get a new Iron Man mask for Christmas :)

Mazie loved her gift from Isaiah. It looks just like her doggy Moto who lives at her Gramma and Papa's house. T and Isaiah picked it out so she wouldn't miss Moto so much when she is away.

Isaiah opening his gift from me.... Its a beyblade arena along with beyblades. The kids were completely spoiled this year for Christmas. T made it a goal to make their Christmas very special.

Oh did I mention how special he made my Christmas? Oh yeah I wrote a post about it, but here is one of the many pics T took of my reaction to his very thoughtful gift. The Sunny dvd 6pack!
*Ryder and Mazie were blessed with a even Bigger surprise that day. Their little sister was born! Emery May born on Christmas day. Hey that totally rhymes :) She looks just like her big brother too, well they have the exact same nose.*
How was your Christmas with your kidlets?

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