Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A day in Paradise

The day after Christmas we loaded up the Suburban, packed a lunch and headed up to Mt. Rainer for some sledding/tubing and fun play in the snow. The location was Paradise... No really that is what its called here at Mt. Rainer and its pure beauty!

Ryder and Isaiah were ready for some fun in the snow!
Mazie was ready too, she had to have the big sled which was as long as her whole body. Perfect! Wow, this little girl is a flippin dare devil. She likes to go head first down the hill.

Yes that white stuff is snow... I believe my daughter had to at least eaten a pound of snow the whole time we were there. No worries there was no yellow snow in site *wink*

Sweet T had a blast too... I swear he is a kid at heart. We recorded tons of footage on my new Flip. I hope to post some videos soon, but until then looky at the purdy pictures.

I only went down the big hill once with Mazie, after our major wipe out I threw in the towel. My shoulder is still sore... Mazie got a face full of snow, that didn't stop her whatsoever.
After that Fiasco she went down with T the rest of the time.

Then we started getting cold, hungry.......

And sleepy....

They slept the whole 2 hour drive back home.
We are so ready to go back on another snow adventure, maybe we will go this weekend.

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