Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Nutcracker experience....

Mazie with her Rat King cookie.
Mazie and Mommy after the ballet.

This last Saturday I had the joy and pleasure of going to see The Nutcracker with my daughter and her Grandma. My daughter Mazie Lue is 4 years old and it was her first time going to see the Nutcracker. Mazie wore her fancy Christmas dress along with her fancy Coat and hat, her new Christmas tree earrings and her Ruby necklace her Papa gave her for her 4th birthday. Her Grandma and I have been waiting for this day since the day we found out I was having a little girl. Grandma always talked about getting Mazie (her only Granddaughter) a Christmas fancy coat, she went and found the perfect one for Mazie at a little shop in Port Townsend,Wa. So then Papa went out and bought us three girls’ tickets to the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.

It was a wonderful magical event; my favorite parts were the amazing orchestra, the talented ballet dancers and the beautiful costumes. Mazie’s favorite part was during intermission when she enjoyed her Rat King sugar cookie. I was amazed how good Mazie was for the whole performance, which was a surprise since my 4 year old has the shortest attention span. Mazie loved it! She told me this morning she had a dream about the Nutcracker, I asked “was it a good dream?” and she said “Yes! It was very good”. So I’m thinking this will be a great memory for us all. Apparently my Grandma Stephanie took my sister and me when we were younger, and I have no memory of that. So I am wishing and hoping that my daughter will remember this day forever.

The Nutcracker for sure put me in the Christmas spirit!

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