Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weezy is back!

After a long day of bonding time with my kitchen and a few special deliveries of Christmas goodies to friends it was nice to relax and watch SNL. Tim and I watch SNL every Saturday night, and this past Saturday one of our favorites performed.

Oh yes Weezy is back! He killed this performance of his new song “6foot, 7foot”.
T and I loved it from the first beat! Yeah Eminem performed too, but he did a song that has been over played on the radio, boo been there done that. Weezy on the other hand, came out and jammed a tune that has never been heard or performed before. He likes to keep it fresh and that is how he rolls. For being in prison for the past year you think he had plenty of time to write lyrics… The best part is…Lil Wayne doesn’t write his rhymes, he free styles it. I am sure after he does that someone writes it down for him.LOL

So I just had to write a post about one of my favorite rappers out there. Thank you Weezy F baby for keeping it real and fresh for all us fans out here. Talented and well dressed… Gee I wonder where my kids get the skinny jeans and vans fashion from? Yeah they are fans of his too J especially my 4yr daughter. *She loves rap and hip hop*
Needless to say T and I have been jamming this tune since Sunday, and believe me you can’t help but dance. If you don’t like to dance then just bob your head to the amazing beats and smile!

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