Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A glimpse of our holiday weekend

Tales of the three day holiday weekend....

I started it off on Friday with a dizzy spell migraine... I have been having them for the past month and recently every day the past week. T had to pick me up from work early Friday afternoon. I was so dizzy I couldn't drive!
It was a gorgeous sunny day too and I spent most of it either indoors at work or in bed sleeping. Not the way I planned on starting my weekend at all.

Saturday we woke up bright and early to and set off on a road trip to Seaside Oregon. After we grabbed breakfast I noticed a headache coming on so I took my medication that was prescribed. I am now taking a daily dose of it twice a day for these dizzy spells. Ugh!
Anyway Seaside was great; we met up at Isaiah’s grandparent’s house. They live pretty much right on the beach. They treated us to a really nice fancy lunch at a beach front restaurant. After that T, Isaiah, his grandma and I all went for a walk on the beach and went to some candy shops. As T was in heaven with all the choices of salt water taffy I of course had one of my dizzy spells…

A veiw from the resturant we had lunch in Beautiful Seaside Oregon~ July 2, 2011
 Shortly after that T and I said I our goodbyes and headed home (3 hour drive). Isaiah stayed in Seaside to spend some time with his grandparents and will be back this Friday. Isaiah’s grandparents (Jana’s parents) are wonderful people; we were very blessed and lucky to get to spend time with them in Seaside. They are so welcoming and always make us feel part of the family. Shoot, T and I were about to stay the week there

T, Isaiah and Me on our beach walk with Kathy/Grandma.

 Good times for sure and T and I can’t wait to go back for another visit.

A view of the Space needle from the boat on Lake Union.

Sunday we went out on our friend Andrew’s boat… At first it was just T, Andrew and me…. I and the guys went up to Lake Washington to launch the boat… We went to Ivar’s for some lunch, had a few beers and waited for Carleen (Andrew’s main squeeze) to get off work to join us. As soon as she arrived we headed to Lake Union… It’s such a lovely boat ride to go on and the weather was perfect. We had all done the same boat ride almost 4 years ago, around the time T and I first started “dating” and it was my 2nd time meeting Andrew and Carleen. Brought back some good memories that’s for sure!

After our day on the boat us girls took a little trip to the super mall, while the guys went to get their fishing and crabbing license’s, so they could go catch some crab for our 4th of July feast we planned to have the next day.

The Guys (Andrew and T) on the new boat.... I swear  these two would live on a it if they could.

 4th of July~

T was up at 6AM to go crabbing with the guys… I got up to get busy in my kitchen; I made around 64 Cake Pop’s, Chocolate and Red Velvet. If you have ever made Cake Pop’s then you will understand they are time consuming, messy and scrumptiously yummy and totally worth it! I also made a yummy huge chicken Asian salad.

The rest of our day was spent at Andrew and Carleen’s house with our friends and two of our kids, playing Frisbee games, lighting fireworks, talking, laughing, and eating lots of good food, cold beers and more laughs.

Ryder and Mazie enjoying the 4th of July festivities at Andrew and Carleens.

Good times all around and I think my medication is starting to work because I have not had a dizzy spell since Sunday. Yippie!

Thank you for reading a glimpse of our holiday weekend.

How was your Fourth of July weekend?

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