Friday, July 8, 2011

NKOTB with my BFF=Good times

Let me introduce my friend Charlyne to my blog friends... Everyone else in the world calls her Char. We both have our own "names" for each other. To her I am Jackson... We have been friends since 1990!

Wow over twenty years... okay I feel old!
Back in 1990 we were in 4th grade (10years old) and were big New Kids On The Block fans. We had the T-shirts, socks, posters anything you name it. I was in love with Joey and Charlyne was in love with Donny. Its fun to look back at old pictures of us in our NKOTB gear. Charlyne had at least three NKOTB VHS movies of their live concerts and tours. Shoot you could still catch us watching those our sophomore year. Hey don't judge, we knew how to have fun and laugh at our selves that is for sure. I do believe that is the last time those videos were watched and most likely the last time a VCR was

~New Kids are no longer kids, but we can sure pretend~
  A few years ago NKOTB was on tour and came to the Tacoma dome. Charlyne hit me up and really thought it would be fun to go for my birthday since they came in November. We never made it to that show and I always secretly regretted it...

Back in February when I heard they were planning another tour for this Summer I thought "perfect timing!"
Charlyne's 30th birthday was back in May and I got us tickets to the concert. Yes ladies we are going to see New Kids On The Block tonight at the T-dome. I am super duper excited for our date. We even special ordered Tee shirts to have just like the good ol' days. Char's is Black and mine is Fuchsia... Yeah we are still dorks fun like that. I should really say WE STILL GOT IT LIKE THAT! *wink*
The Back Street Boys will be there as well... We weren't big fans of theirs since we were pretty much in high school when they were popular... But we will still watch and I am sure sing along to their

Charlyne and I June 2009~ We are always asked if we are sisters~

 We have been through so much together from Girl Scouts, to Jr. High, High School, love, marriage, babies, motherhood and now we are embracing our thirties together.

Tonight is going to be a legendary girls night... We are meeting right after work, going to do a little bit of shopping, I'm taking her out to The Rock for eats and drinks (she has never been can you believe it?) and then we are off to the concert to turn into 11 year old screaming little pre teens again. Ahhh can't you just hear/see it now?
Its so special to have such a long time friendship with someone who knows you so well.
Thank you Charlyne for being such a great friend for so many years!
I love you!
NKOTB and BSB here we come....

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  1. OMG we had a BLAST!!! We sure did go back to the age of 11! Haha Thanks for a awesome birthday present!
    I love you too Jackson!!!