Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My head is spinning...

For the past few months I have been experiencing tons of dizziness...

It all started back in March... I would get dizzy spells here and there. One day in particular was the morning we left for our trip. I woke up with extreme vertigo, it was so bad I was vomiting. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to travel that day, but of course I

I ended up going to see one of the best ENT's there is to see if my  Meniere disease was acting up again... He did a few test and informed me I did not have Meniere and that my dizziness/vertigo was migraine induced.

April and May were smooth sailing... I had no dizzy spells and things seemed to be going very well in the health department of my life.

June came around and I was busy as a bee could ever be. The day I did the 12k run was when it started... That afternoon after relaxing and watching a movie with T and Mazie, I decided to go to the store. As I got up and started walking I noticed I was very dizzy... So dizzy I couldn't even walk strait. I was hoping it would just last a few minutes. Nope, I ended up staying home, vomiting and having my 9 year son take care of me while T and Mazie went to the store to get dinner. Gosh my family is amazing when I am under the weather!

That day was just the beginning of a horrid cycle...

By the end of June I was having the dizzy spells more frequently... I finally went to my doctor to see what was causing these. I thought maybe it was my "early" stages of glaucoma that I hadn't been keeping tabs on in over 6 years *oops*. He put me on two different migraine med's and gave me a referral to see a Ophthalmologist. Since part of my dizzy spells had a lot of eye pain involved. Gosh I sound like a hot mess don't I? Getting old sure does have it's ups and downs...

Just this month alone I have had 7 dizzy/vertigo spells... This is occurring even taking the daily med's that were prescribed. I try so hard not to be a hypochondriac worry wart but this is really getting old. I decided to see my doctor again today. After having 4 days strait of pure dizzy head spinning nausea, I need some answers!

This is pretty much how I feel/look nowadays. No joke!
 I didn't really get any though... I do however think my doctor thinks I am a weirdo for admitting that I keep lists "track" of my dizzy spells and have been since they first started occurring. He said it was good that I was doing that, but kept making jokes about it. I guess that is part of the benefit of seeing a doctor that you work for
He did refer me to a headache specialist (Neurologist) and I hope this doctor has some answers or maybe even a cure. For now I just have to deal with it and hope for the best. I will try not to whine about it and try to not let it ruin my the rest of my summer. I wanted to write a post about this to see if there is anyone out there that may have had the same stuff happen to them... and if they might have some answers or advise for this Tall Girl in Heels?

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