Friday, July 29, 2011

Camping at Kalaloch~2011

This year our family summer "vacation" was a camping trip to Kalaloch.
We went the week of Mazie's birthday for 4 days. It was nice to getaway for a while and enjoy the great out doors and the wonderful Washington RAIN!
Yep, it pretty much rained the whole time we camped...
Kalaloch Beach~Pacific Ocean
We still had a good time with each other and made the best of the situation and the long

We did lots of family bike rides in the rain.
 All five of us had a bike to ride and we had so much fun cruising the camp ground and exploring the trails.
Our boys road for so long in the rain the first day they came back drenched... I wish I got a pic of that. Mud on their faces and everything.

Put our feet in the sand.
 When it wasn't raining we would go to the beach and play. Mazie and I flew her Iron Man kite, T and the boys hit some golf balls and played Frisbee. The boys new favorite activity! Oh and I must not forget the log climbing all three of the kids and T could do that for hours. I just followed along and watched....

Played in the sand.

T and his boy Isaiah
 When it was raining we kept dry hanging out in T's parents trailer playing games and watching movies. Or we would sit under the covered picnic table and enjoy the awesome campfires T would make.
Me with my kiddos~ Ry and Mazie

A glimpse of our ocean front property we enjoyed for 4 days.

Camping on the coast in Washington state has its ups and downs, but when you have your wonderful family there for entertainment you seem to forget about the down part of it all... We did end up heading home a day early due to the rain. T thought it would be nice to spend a night at home before we returned back to work the following Monday. Plus we were all tired and so ready to be back home.
 Good times!

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  1. so happy you guys came, wished it woulda cleared up for you, there's always next year, though :P