Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm so busy my head is spinning!

This is certainly a BUSY week for this Tall Girl in heels cowgirl boots. No heels today ladies! I started the week off rough, dealing with depression, stress and a migraine that was causing me to have vertigo. Yuck!

I am down to my final days of planning and preparing the froggy style baby shower for Bee. Working the 8-5 shift this week is not helping at all. Last night I had Ryder’s basketball game and didn’t get home until 8pm. At that point I just wanted to go to bed and get rid of my vertigo/migraine and got nothing productive done. Blah!

Today I am skipping Ryder’s game to attend Zumba lessons. I have been doing Zumba a couple times a week for the past two weeks and thought it would help if I took an actual beginners class to make sure I have all the right moves down. I have so much fun and have met some awesome gals too. I feel guilty for missing my son’s game tonight… Its just hard to juggle everything this week. Plus Ryder has 4 games this week, last night, tonight, Thursday night and Friday night. So tonight is my only chance to get some Zumba/Me time in (it’s only for an hour). After Zumba I have to go shopping for all the food and ingredients to help make the shower a success. Here is a peek of what that entails:
Shopping list
Gluten Free-Lasagna Noodles
Egg Beaters
Ricotta Cheese
Puttenesca Sauce
Ground Turkey
Mozzarella Cheese
Sour cream
Cream Cheese
Liquid smoke
Green Onion/chives
Water Chestnuts
Red Bell Pepper

And that is only what I have to purchase at the store…

Wednesday night I will be preparing some of the food. Such as the salmon, bacon, and fondant. I figured I could make use of my ONLY free evening this week. I also plan on making a trip to Target to get some more items to add to one of the special decorations/gifts for the shower and hopefully find a cupcake stand to purchase. Speaking of cupcakes… I am a nervous wreck about them, I just want them to come out picture perfect and I fear my limited time frame will mess everything up. I don’t want to feel rushed and yet I do… My goal is to get as much done Wednesday evening as I possibly can. Which include wrapping of baby gifts and maybe a run (depending on the weather).

Thursday night is Basketball night and I have no intentions of being productive.

Friday night is my crunch time folks. Working a full 9 hour day, dinner, then off to Ry’s 7pm basketball game and then home to get started. I will be making @36 cupcakes, frosting, fondant froggies/lilly pads, salmon dip, BLT dip, Spinach dip and 2 lasagna dishes. I will also have my lovely assistant Mazie lue help in the kitchen, while my handsome boy stays in his room playing Lego's or video games with my Handsome big guy. Friday night is going to be crazy busy and its making me sleepy just writing about it.

Saturday morning I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I will make sure T catches some of that footage on my flip *wink*
Since the shower starts at noon, I plan to be at Bee’s mom Cheryl’s house (where the shower is) by 10:45am to help set up, decorate and hopefully get organized….

I may be stressed and a bit overwhelmed but really it’s not that bad, and for Bee I would do anything and this is my chance to make her feel special… Cause she is very special and is going to make a wonderful mommy. Did I mention she is the cutest preggo lady for 2011! Yep, I give out awards like that, 2010’s award went to Dandy. Take a peek if you don’t believe me, her baby bump was perfecto!

*If only I was talented to make this beanie for Bee's baby girl* Super cute*

Now you see how I'm so dizzy busy my head is spinning!

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