Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I survived!

It has been a hectic, crazy, and busy week and I don’t see it settling down until this weekend when we leave for our trip. Even traveling can be hectic and crazy, so hopefully I get some good RnR in prior to our trip. YEAH RIGHT!

Last weekend was insane… Friday after work I rushed home to go pick T and his lil sister up, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out to Port Orchard for Ryder’s basketball game. Minutes before our arrival to the game my phone rings… its Miles telling me the game was suppose to be at six not seven. There was no game…Grrr!
I got the kids and we all headed back home to Puyallup. That wasted a good two hours of our night.

T’s little sis (Hi Hannah) came over to help me make the fondant froggies for the baby shower I was hosting the following day. H was a great help, she is so talented and artistic. I am thankful I had such wonderful help. T assisted me in the making of the fondant on Thursday night. Mazie helped out by testing out the fondant as H and I worked on the froggies and frilly lily pads. We girls had a good time in the kitchen Friday night for sure… Not only did we sculpt fondant that night, I also made a gluten free pasta dish.

Shower day:
Saturday morning I woke up early to get the frosting made for the cupcakes (devils food gluten free), got all the dips finished (I started on some Wednesday evening), got the shower gift wrapped and two children and myself ready to go by 10:45am. I made it to the shower later then I wanted to but in enough time to get my Jeep unloaded and help set up.

Bee’s baby shower was a great success! I had never seen so many frog baby clothes, blankets and more. At the end of the day Bee said “Okay now it’s all over and you can relax and prepare for your trip”. I remember thinking; oh yeah my trip… Eeek I have a week to prepare… then I said “Wait after my trip I have nothing to plan or get excited about”. It might be nice not to have plans for once.

Sunday I got started on my spring cleaning… So far I have my kitchen all cleaned and a nice shiny sparkling clean refrigerator. Its part of my trip planning, in order for me to go on a vacation and enjoy my time away is to know I will be coming home to a clean house. My goal for this week is to get my whole house spotless by this Friday. Mazie and I also got the St. Patrick’s Day décor up. I collect decorations for all the Holidays and I hope to pass the traditions on to my daughter.

After doing some major cleaning I went to get my hair done… As I left I noticed my Jeep was driving really funny and I didn’t feel safe driving it, so I took it back home and drove T’s suburban instead. Ugh! Just another stress to add to my list for another busy week.

I have been commuting in the suburban for the past two days… It’s a GAS HOG! Just our luck my Jeep needs maintenance the week we leave for our 9 day trip. T is working on replacing my brake pads, rotors and caliper. The plus side is he is getting good use of the Carhart coveralls I gave him for Valentines Day.

On Monday I got an email from Carnival Cruise lines saying there has been a change to our trip. We will not be going to Mazatlan due to security issues, so instead we will be doing 2 days in Cabo. I am relieved to know how on top of things the cruise line is on the security status, makes me feel safer.

*I know you all are wondering; “Where are the pictures from the shower?” Stay tuned I will have that post with pictures up for you by the end of this busy work week. This 9 day vacation is just what I will need after this craziness.

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