Friday, March 25, 2011


I am back! Back to reality, back to work, back to my mommy duties and back to cooking our meals. Our trip was wonderful and I have so much to share and way too many pictures and flip videos to count. It’s been real rough to come home from a 9 day vacation and be sick. Yep, one of the lovely souvenirs was a nice 5 day stomach virus. My first day back to work was Tuesday the 22nd…. I made it through the morning (barely) and ended up in urgent care on my lunch break hooked to an IV and getting pumped with fluids. I was so dehydrated from my tummy being on the major fritz. I was sent home along with a prescription (cipro) and a doctor note excusing me from work. Ugh!

I am starting to feel a little better and slowly gaining my appetite back. Oh yeah! Right in time for the weekend to start.

I found it sort of comical as I lay in urgent care hooked to an IV. I had a huge déjà vu moment for real. Last time I went on a vacation out of the country (Montego Bay, Jamaica) I ended up in the hospital hooked to an IV due to dehydration. That time wasn’t due to a tummy bug; it was because I was preggo with my Ryder and had major morning ALL day sickness. Awww memories... Glad I can look back at it now and have a giggle.

So here we are back home and already planning our next trip to Cabo Disneyland. Yes folks our next trip is a family one… Then it’s Cabo San Lucas or a cruise to the Caribbean for our next adult vacation. Yippie!

Until then its work, work, work and yes more work … Hellooo how else do you think we can afford these trips?

Now that the baby shower is done and my trip is over I have only one goal for this weekend. Get vacation photos ready to go along with my vacation posts I plan to share next week.

Have a good one!

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