Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is that a baby bump?

The un-written rules for women.....
Apparently some females need some education on this matter.
I am here to educate you on this on behalf of my friends and co-workers out there...
So we all know the number one un-written girl rule and that is.... Never date, or have a relationship or mess around with your friends exes.
The other MAJOR un-written girl rule which is never really mentioned or talked about mainly cause its a no brainier or just plan rude if you do ask... would be the question yeah you know that question that you want to ask but you just don't...
Now listen up ladies... If you think or are even wondering if someone is preggers or looks preggers keep it to yourself. If they want you to know they will tell you. Please do not just randomly go up to someone and ask that totally rude question. I am not talking about your sister or friend coming to you and saying: something to make you question this matter. I am talking about the many shapes and sizes of woman. If a girl has a bit of tummy/belly going on it is NOT okay to ask her if she is preggers. Nor is it okay to assume that she is and bring it up in conversation with the person. You know why? It hurts, its rude and someone who may be comfortable with their size may not feel so comfy after that. Or if someone is already feeling down about their weight and then they got to hear that question just puts them down even more about how they feel about them selves.
It happened to me just back in September I was standing in line with my boyfriend and our kids (2 boys and 1 girl) the guy working the line asked me "will this be for 5 in a half (pointing to my tummy)?" I was offended right away. First of all no just 5 buddy and gee thanks for pointing out the 5 pounds I gained this summer. RUDE! My story does not compare to others, at least a bone headed man asked me.
I have girlfriends who get this question asked by other woman. What? It just boggles my mind to think of other woman asking other females this un-written rule. One of my good friends was asked this question today by a co-worker when she was telling me about it I could see the pain and tears in her eyes. She is already struggling with her weight and self esteem. So being asked this question by another female today sure did send her over the edge.
So this topic was brought to my attention once again and I figured I would post a blog about it.
So ladies just remember those un-written rules and if you are not sure about what is okay to ask. Maybe ask yourself how you would feel if someone asked you? I have seen this very question ruin my girls days just cause one person has to know or ask something that is really non of their biz-ness.
I would like to know of any other "un-written" rules I did not mention that should be?

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